Construction Paper Orange

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Julep “Jenna”tangerine burst creme – was my first pick from my Mystery Box Bonanza. My mother-in-law was looking through the polishes with me when I opened the boxes and this is the first one she grabbed…so of course this was the first one I had to try. I also knew I had a good hour of signing my name the next day and I wanted BRIGHT. I may or may not have low-key pretended that I was a hand model while signing all those closing papers for my new house.

I started with Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat. This is two smooth coats of “Jenna”. The first coat was a bit streaky, but the second coat was absolutely smooth. I finished with my favorite top coat, “HK Girl”.

“Jenna” reminds me of orange construction paper. There’s something weird about orange and purple construction paper. It’s got a different texture than the other colored paper and the color is just off – almost muddy. Although “Jenna” is a vibrant orange, there’s a bit of muddiness in it as well.

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