Summer Chrome

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As fate would have it, Jeffree Star Cosmetic‘s Summer Chrome Collection dropped at almost EXACTLY the same time that my flight to Washington DC was set to land. But I remembered! I had my order placed before our plane reached the gate.

I briefly considered the whole collection, but I knew that I’d never ever wear that Kermit Green color – “Venus Flytrap”. I also didn’t need “You. Better. Work.” since it’s pretty close to Kat Von D “L.U.V.” So I just picked three ($18 each) – “Candyass”pink gold metallic, “Calabasas” – dark dusty rose, and “Family Jewels” – cool toned milk chocolate matte. “Candyass” is already sold out!

My order was waiting for me in the mailbox when I got home the following Sunday…and per my email, had been sitting in the mailbox, roasting since that Friday. All of the colors look great on me, even if I do say so myself. The formula seems thinner, but that could be due to the mailbox roasting?

I meant to get one of the new Lip Scrubs, but I totally forgot. I see another order in my future though…

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