October Julep Maven Box – Trancing in the Moonlight

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What does “Trancing in the Monnlight” mean?

I am not a fan of Trance Electronica personally – I find it boring. The nail polishes I picked this month are ANYTHING but boring. I picked Boho Glam “Trixy”galactic rose glitter, Classic with a Twist “Laurie”deep crimson shimmer, and Wonder Maven “Marlise”luminous borealis glitter. I am thinking that I will use “Trixy” with my Halloween costume.

My absolute favorite thing in the box were the silver nail stickers – skulls, snakes and spiders, oh my! I hope they have some left so I can add to next month’s box!

I used Jules to finally restock on Oxygen Bonding Base Coat – YAY!

Oh look, a solitary Lime Tootsie Roll. Thanks, I guess. I’d been bitching about no candy, so I should be happy, right?

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