Bad Bitch

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Sometimes, the right nail polish can make you feel feminine. Or it can make you feel young and playful, even like a kid again. But once in a while, the right combination will make you a bad bitch…

The boss bitch combination is Julep “Laurie” with the silver nail decals I got in this month’s box. Upon my husband’s advice, I didn’t go crazy and add one to every nail, instead choosing to adorn only my “devil nails”. The skull looks amazing. The snake sunk into the polish a bit, but not too badly. Not pictured is the badass spider I added to the middle finger of my left hand. I felt like a newly engaged bride, but instead of sticking my hands in peoples’ face to show off my ring, I was showing off my “devil nails”.

This is Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat, two coats of “Laurie”, then Glisten & Glow Top Coat.

I forgot how good the Oxygen Bonding Base Coat is. My nails looked perfect for days and days. Pay no mind to my poor middle finger – the nail bent and broke and I had to chop her.

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