Jeffree Star Holiday Collection 2017

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics released his Holiday Glitter Collection on November 18th. He’s been a busy bee this year, with a summer collection, a collab with Manny MUA and his family collection just a month ago. I hadn’t been interested in any of those collections…but this year’s Holiday Collection is on a whole other level.

It included 8 liquid lipsticks, 3 Ammo lipsticks, 3 new lips scrubs and 2 highlighter palettes. You know me – all I want are those liquid lipsticks. I actually tried to purchase the bundle of 8 ($105), but it had already sold out…at 12:03, just minutes after launch!

I decided to be conservative and pick out my favorite 4 colors.

I received my order 5 days ago, but it took me a bit to try out all the colors. I hope it was worth the wait!

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Instead of swatches on my arm, I decided to be narcissistic and use selfies.

“Poinsettia” is a bright, metallic red – perfect for any skin tone. I think I might like this one the best out of the collection. It’s somewhat similar to Kat Von D “Dazzle”, but I wouldn’t call it a dupe.

“Santa Baby” is a matter berry/wine. I like that it doesn’t lean too pink – this is a very mature berry.

“First Class” is a metallic true gold. The gold applies a bit thinner than the matte colors. I feel like it would be a knockout with a darker lip liner or a highlight.

Finally, we’ve got “Human Nature”, a dark mauve. I feel like it is very much a dupe of my favorite Jeffree shade – “Androgyny”. I’ll be doing a comparison swatch sometime soon. This shade looks the best on me, out of the four I picked.

More swatches coming soon!

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