Blood Sugar

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…Sex Magik. Sorry, can’t help it – I’m a child of the 90s. Blood Sugar Sex Magik was the soundtrack to the summer between 10th and 11th grade.

Forget about RHCP for a minute, and let’s focus on Jeffree Star Love Sick Collection. Launched back on February 10th, my cart was full, but the palette had already sold out when I tried to complete my transaction. Devastating! I wasn’t entirely shocked – although I’ve been lucky in the past, I missed out on the palette this time. I was pleased when a new feature was released within an hour or so – pre-orders for the re-stock!

The re-stock happened this past week and I received my Blood Sugar Palette ($52), plus the other goodies I picked out. The Blood Sugar Palette contains 18 eye shadows in a plastic case that resembles a First Aid Kid. That case fits neatly in a VHS Sleeve. Like whoa, that is a cool detail. Like the Beauty Killer Palette, the shadows blend effortlessly without primer, although the pans are smaller. I have been using the palette exclusively for the past few days and the combinations are endless.

The Collection launched with four new shades of Velour Liquid Lipstick ($18), but I only snagged three of them: “Romeo”, (bright matte neon pink – basically a highlighter for your lips, the marker not the makeup); “Problematic”, a vibrant, matte berry; and “Restraints”, a metallic gunmetal. I skipped “Self Control” – I just cannot rock a matte lavender lip.

I also splurged on Velour Lip Scrub in “Chocolate Covered Strawberry” ($12) and this stuff is MAGIK. It is a yummy way to remove your liquid lipstick – I could just eat the whole jar.

My only regret on spending $118 is that I don’t get Sephora or Ulta credit. Other than that, it is totally worth it.

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