October 2018 Julep Maven Box – Up All Night


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Oh hey – I got some boxes piling up! I’ve been helping my sister move this week and been a little preoccupied…

I know I already have a bottle (somewhere) of Take a Breather Oxygen Nail Treatment – but this one is a new color – “Sheer Orchid”. Maybe after Halloween, I’ll let my nails breath and have a little break from polishes…

For polishes, I had a hard time choosing from all the rich Fall colors. Ultimately, I chose Bombshell “Nita”, Cinder Ash Microglitter, and Bombshell “Cecilia”, Nightshade Microshimmer. Microglitter, Microshimmer – why does everything have to be so tiny?

OH! And at the bottom of the box, a page of black cat nail decals. I can make Merkin nails!

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