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Julep “Nita” is muy bonita, eh? It’s my first pick from this month’s box.

“Nita” is cinder ash microglitter – I think microglitter is my favorite finish by Julep. No other polish brand does this fine-grit, sandy finish like Julep does. It adds a dimension to the polish that is unlike any other.

This is two coats of “Nita” over Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat – no top coat.

You know what else this polish reminds me of? It’s something my children have never seen – and probably never will see. TELEVISION STATIC. They will never know the harsh sight & sound of TV static, while accidentally switching between Broadcast TV and the VCR. They will never know what it was like to adjust an antenna “just so” to turn static into a somewhat watchable channel. There’s an art to it! I almost want to find out how to get static back onto my TV, just to fuck with them. THEY’RE HEEEEEEEEEEERE.

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