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Let’s have a moment of silence for my luxe long nails. After spending several days helping my sister look through boxes and pack and move, my nails were starting to see the signs. I’s already snagged and ripped two nails while washing my hair and I could tell that several more were approaching that point. even though the new hair and nail vitamins I got from Amazon have made my nails stronger than ever, they couldn’t take all that abuse. I just went ahead and cut them short…some of them TOO short. I foolishly decided to try cutting my nails BEFORE removing the polish, thinking that without being distracted by my nail line, I could get a more symmetrical shape. Nope – didn’t help, plus – I just ended up cutting them too short. Look at my index finger – I cut it almost to the quick!

Excusing the short toddler nails, what do you think of Sinful Colors “Spellbound”? It’s a lavender shimmer from this Halloween’s “Conjured Color” Collection. This is two coats of “Spellbound” over Sinful Colors Base Coat and under Glisten & Glow Top Coat.

At first, I thought “Spellbound” was a dupe for Zoya “Leslie”, but “Leslie” is more purple – if that makes sense? “Spellbound” also has far more shimmer – it’s not just a flash, like “Leslie”.

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