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Fall hit SO late, I’ve just not felt very Halloween-y lately. These delightful Merkin Nails are just the thing to get me into the Halloween spirit – it’s just a week away!

First off, Merkin is the name of our little black cat – so don’t get any wacky ideas about me gluing pubes to my fingernails. I’m not saying it will NEVER happen…but it is highly unlikely.

I decided to use Julep “Marjorie” as the base. I could have sworn that I’d tried “Marjorie” before, but I couldn’t find any posts with it, just the Maven box that had it – in the summer of 2014. That was back in the early days of my collection, before I consciously set aside my “untried” polishes. I bet it just got put in with the rest of the Julep polishes!

This is two coats of “Marjorie” over Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat. I carefully placed each black cat decal with tweezers, then sealed with Glisten & Glow Top Coat.

I have lots more kitties left – I’ll have to do this one again!


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