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I’ve skipped a lot of Jeffree Star’s more recent collections/palettes – but this year’s holiday collection and palette really caught my attention.

I set an alarm for noon on launch day – November 9th – so I didn’t miss it. I was on the phone with my boss, frantically ordering on my phone. Luckily, my order went through before everything was sold out! It took over a week to get a shipping notification, but once I did – it got here really fast.

The Alien Palette ($52) is shaped like an alien head! It’s hot pink pleather and flips open to reveal 18 out of this world eye shadows. Of course, the first ones I played with were the yellows and greens – “Abduction” looks like a yellow highlighter and “Alien” is a sparkly neon green. I was also able to do a more subdued family-friendly look for Thanksgiving with “Titan” (matte nude) and “Phone Home” (matte mauve). I’m looking forward to playing with the rest of the shades.

This is also the first time I sprung for the entire Holiday 2018 Velour Liquid Lipstick Bundle ($105). I wasn’t too excited about “Karma” (a lizardy khaki green) or “yOu’Re sTiLl oN thE pRoPeRty” (dark blue metallic), but if I was gonna spend $108 on 6 lipsticks…why not spend $105 on 8? Also in the bundle: “Can’t Relate” (a nude, similar to “Mannequin), “Jeffree Who?” (looks like a cross between “Calabasas” and “Rose Matter”, but with extra KvD shade thrown in), “Scandal” (mauve sparkle), “Hi, How Are Ya?” (I love this cool red – it’s like “Masochist” with sparkle), “Triggered” (a nearly black plum color, I was surprised that glitter appeared halfway through my wear today), and “Clout” (lavender metallic).

I did not order any of the new Lip Ammo shades or Lip Scrubs – I was really turned off by the thought of scrubbing my lips with “Eggnog” or “Pumpkin Pie”.

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