Haus of Rose B*tch

So…Prime Day was sooooo long ago – July 15th – and I might have forgotten that I pre-ordered some of Lady Gaga’s new makeup until I got the shipping notification.

Haus Laboratories launched via Amazon and initially included 6 Collections, each of which with Glam Attack All-Over Liquid Shimmer Powder (eye shadow), Le Riot Lip Gloss, and RIP Lip Liner in a reusable clutch. Out of the 6 Collections, I chose “Haus of Rose B*tch”, which includes Glam Attack in “Rose B*tch” (a soft mauve shimmer), Le Riot in “Entranced” (a sheer pink pearl), and RIP Lip Liner in “Drag” (a medium plum).

I’ve been using the products for the past week and I really love them. I will admit, I made a little boo-boo the first day I tried them out. I wasn’t paying attention and I ended up putting the lip gloss all over my eyelids. I started to get suspicious that it was making my eyelids stick when I blinked, so I looked more closely at the packaging…goddamnit! I cleaned it off and started over – I had a much better experience using the eye shadow on my eyes. I also used it as a highlighter, blending it into my cheekbone.

My favorite part is the RIP Lip Liner in “Drag” – it is the perfect color for me. I admit though, I feel a bit 1999 wearing dark lip liner, with a shimmer gloss. I tried it with a matte lipstick (Jeffree’s “Celebrity Skin”) and I liked it much better.

$49 is a decent price for a match set of eyeshadow, lip liner and lip gloss…but I don’t know if I will be buying any more of the collections. Luckily, there is not the option to buy individual products! I’m also waiting to see what other products launch, in addition to the new super thin eye liner and eye makeup decals that just dropped.

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