Liquid Chrome Disco Baby

Fuck. This. Nail Polish.

Not since essie “Belugaria” have I hated a nail polish formula this much. But Sinful Colors Liquid Chrome “Disco Baby” broke me. It had so much potential, but I couldn’t get it right, even after trying a second time.

I was super excited to find the 3 piece set at HEB for $6.99. In addition to the Liquid Chrome polish in “Disco Baby”, it comes with a base coat and Sinful Colors Mirror Shine Top Coat. (HEB also had 3/$5 coupons for Sinful Colors – I squealed and grabbed 3 Sinful Shines“Diamond in the Raw”, “Wine Not” and “Galaxy” – HEB spoils me rotten).

I followed the instructions to the letter. After the base coat, I painted one coat of “Disco Baby”. The polish dragged a bit, but I expected that. There were a few thin spots, but nothing too egregious. I then finished with the Mirror Shine Top Coat. What the fuck, why the polish start swirling as soon as I applied the top coat? It even got a few bubbles.

Fuck. I know I am spoiled by Glisten & Glow, but the time it took this top coat to dry was totally unacceptable. I sat through a whole episode of The Walking Dead and it was still a tad tacky. Even they next day, it had an almost sticky feel. I hated the way it felt and hated the way it looked – see left picture. Oh – and it started peeling away from the edges of my nails. Not chipping – this shitty polish peeled down from my cuticles.

No one likes a quitter, so I decided to try again. The very next day, I took off the polish and tried again. Again I started with the base coat and a single, albeit slightly thicker coat of “Disco Baby”. This time, I finished with Glisten & Glow Top Coat. Well, THAT was a mistake. The top coat literally made the polish start to swirl and dissolve. It was an effect similar to the Transforming Top Coats. Have you ever balled up a piece of aluminum foil and then tried to smooth it again? THAT is what my nails looked like. At least they weren’t sticky.

I don’t know if my nails are too bumpy, or if I am just not patient enough or if this formula is just stupid, but I gave up on this polish. Not one to be selfish with my misery, I promptly boxed up the Liquid Chrome set and sent to my nail buddy, Angie. She is not blessed with HEB up in Plano, and I am hoping that she can prove me wrong by making this nail polish her bitch!

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