Hiss and Make Up

Thanks to a one-on-one training session from my sister-in-law Becca, I am now an expert at apply Color Street Nail Strips.

First off, I learned that I was putting the strips on upside down – d’oh! No wonder my Flamingos were upside down! The other big difference was letting the strips cure. I was trying to file those suckers down immediately…but they need 20 minutes or so to cure before filing. This was the biggest difference in my application – I just needed a little patience.

This set is called “Hiss and Make Up”. I want to try reproducing it with a holographic polish and one of my crackle top coats.

When applied correctly, these strips DO last a very long time – I wore these for 10 whole days and they would’ve lasted longer, if not for my nail growth.

I’ve collected quite a collection of nail strips over the years – not just Color Street and Jamberry, but all kinds of brands. I’m going to start using them more, now that I’m an expert.

If you are interested in trying Color Street Nail Polish Strips , click here to visit Becca’s Store Front!

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