All Lined Up

So…after figuring out the trick to applying Color Street Nail Strips, I thought…why not try all the strips in my stash???

First up is Dashing Diva Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Nail Strips in “All Lined Up”. I believe I got these in an Allure Beauty Box last summer, but Ulta sells them for $7.99. Most of the strips are light gray, but a few of them have gold stripes or geometric shapes. There are also accent strips with a stained glass pattern of white, gold and silver, as well as clear with a gold geometric pattern. I liked the accent strips much more than the plain gray strips.

The Dashing Diva strips are like vinyl sticker, more like Jamberry or Mani Me than Color Street. Application was fairly easy, although the strips did not file off as easy as Color Street.

A nice as these looked the first night, the light gray strips started lifting off my nails the very next day. I did not, however, have that issue with the accent nail strips. I had not had this issue with any other brand of strips! Ugh, I would NOT recommend buying these, at least not the solid color strips.

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