Lara’s Big Nail Polish Adventure

I have been trying to get my hands on the new Target-exclusive Sinful Colors Collections for like a MONTH. As soon as I started seeing posts on Instagram, I hit the closest Target…nothing. (This was before Thanksgiving.) At the second Target, I asked a Beauty Advisor and she looked them up – they weren’t going to be stocked there, but they were now in stock at the FIRST Target. I go back to the first Target and ask the Beauty Advisor…she sees them in inventory, but the “shelf date” was November 28th. I wasn’t too pressed – that would save me from having to leave the house on Black Friday…

…And like clockwork, the polishes were available on the Target website on Sunday, November 28th. I added them to my basket, but my gut was telling me to WAIT for Cyber Monday, so I did. Low and behold, The Cyber Monday special was 25% Beauty! Instead of $59.60, my cart was $44.70, or $41.72 using my Red Card. I quickly checked out…and somehow managed to send 20 nail polishes to my sister in New York. What the FUCK Target App? When I called the 800 number, they were unable to send a shipping label to her to return them, but they DID send me a $15 gift card to cover the cost of her shipping them to me AND said they fixed the issue with the default address. Finally, my beauties made it here this week…

The Sweet & Sugary Collection has a sugar coated finish: “Watermelon Obsession” (light pink), “Orange Slice” (this one looks more terra cotta than orange); “Sweet Cherry Drop” (red); “It’s So Grape” (um, gray?); and “Sour Melon Crush”.

The Velvet Matte Collection looks to be similar to the Bebe Rexha Velvet Mattes: “Strawberry Cheesecake” (dark pink); “Raspberries ‘N’ Cream” (light pink); “Blueberry Macaron” (light blue); “Pistachio Praline” (light green); and “Rosewater Delight” (lighter pink).

The Sheer Matte Collection is similar to Tulle Temptations Sheer Mattes: “Petals in Pink” (pink); “Iced Petit Four” (periwinkle); “Frosted Sugar Cookie” (accurate – looks like cookie dough); “Lavender Notes” (lavender, duh); and “Icing on the Cake” (melon pink).

The Glossy Candy Collection is in their Quick Bliss formula: “Candied Grapefruit” (pink); “Royal Cake Pop” (silver); “Sugarplum Sucker” (light violet); “Green Apple Craze” (hate the name, love the polish); and “Candy Coated Mint” (another cookie dough polish).

This oughta keep me busy for a while…

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