Essenchills + Tulle Temptations

If there’s one thing that 2021 has going for it, it’s TWO new collections from Sinful Colors!

The Essenchills Collection is another scented collection, inspired by the scents of a spa day. There are 9 polishes in the collection: “So Matcha Better” (Matcha Tea), “Chamomile Calm” (Chamomile), “Bath Goals” (a Milky Bath), “Coffee Drip” (Coffee), “Salt Bath Babe” (Himalayan Salt), “Beach Vibes” (Ocean Breeze), “Smoky Palo Santo” (Palo Santo), “Low-Key Lavender” (Lavender), and “Eucalyptahhh” (Eucalyptus).

The Tulle Temptations Collection is made of sheer matte polishes with a shimmer. There’s a Semi-Matte Top Coat and 8 polishes: “Sheer-Treuse” (lime green), “Turnt-quoise” (turquoise), “Veiled in Violet” (purple), “Kiss of Cobalt” (blue), “Hot Pink Tights” (pink), “Hot & Hazy” (coral), “See-Through Citrine” (yellow), and “Ruby Tutu” (red).

I was a bit impatient, so I went ahead and ordered six packs of each collection on Amazon…but since each collection is 9 polishes, I knew I would still be on the hunt. Before I even got the Amazon deliveries, BOTH collections showed up at HEB, with the Sheer Matte Tulle Temptations at $1.98 each and the Essenchills at $2.98 each, which is opposite of their Amazon pricing. I filled out my collection, as well as getting duplicate sets to send to a few friends. Like last year’s collection, each collection had Wal-mart exclusive colors, which I managed to find a few days after the others.

Which one will I try first…hmmmmm…

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  1. […] Sinful Colors “So Matcha Better” is my first pick from the Essenchills Collection! […]

  2. […] Colors “Hot & Hazy” is the first up for sampling from the Sheer Matte “Tulle Temptations” Collection. It’s a light neon orange, but it also reminds me a bit of watermelon […]

  3. […] Sinful Colors “Coffee Drip” does indeed smell like coffee…but there’s an underlying creamy sweetness that’s more like a latte than a straight cup of joe. It’s part of the new Essenchills Collection. […]

  4. […] is my favorite Tulle Temptation so […]

  5. […] similar shade of purple for my nails. This is Sinful Colors “Low-Key Lavender” from the Essenchills Collections. It’s a light lavender polish with a striking ultraviolet shimmer. The lavender scent is very […]

  6. […] I LOVED the light eucalyptus scent of Sinful Colors “Eucalyptahhh” – I wonder how long it would clear my sinuses if I wore it when I had a cold??? This might be the best smelling scent in the Essenchills Collection. […]

  7. […] “Hot Pink Tights” seemed to chip easily though – even with a top coat. Several of my fingers looked like shit after three days – disappointing. The color itself was really nice though – one of the best from the Tulle Temptations Collection. […]

  8. […] to smell like “Ocean Breeze”, but it’s the least scented so far of the whole Essenchills Collection. I did not smell ANYTHING but wet nail […]

  9. […] used Sinful Colors “Snow Me White” with a dotting tool for the dots. Like my previous Tulle Temptations swatches, I did one coat/layer of dots on my index finger, two coats/layers of dots on my middle […]

  10. […] is Sinful Colors “Salt Bath Babe” from the Essenchills Collection. It is supposed to smell like Himalayan Pink Salt and I suppose it did…for about a hot […]

  11. […] Sheer Matte Collection is similar to Tulle Temptations Sheer Mattes: “Petals in Pink” (pink); “Iced Petit Four” (periwinkle); “Frosted […]

  12. […] is Sinful Colors “Smoky Palo Santo” from the Essenchills Collection. The scent is very, very faint – but they did smell like exotic burning Palo Santo for about […]

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