February 2022 Sucreabeille Mini Subscription Bag

February feels so long ago…but I’ve been super busy with work, school, kids and being exhausted all the time…but it’s Spring Break, bitches. Since I’m back in school – Graduate School – this is my first REAL Spring Break since…1998? You better believe that I am taking the whole week off.

February’s unreleased scent is called “Sleep Paralysis” and holy shit…it smells like cookies and…well, poop. Underneath the somewhat Snickerdoodle-like initial sniff, there’s an underlying scent of indolic poo. I kinda dig it.

Like January’s bag, February’s bag also included a scent I’ve already tried – “Black Honey” – but I’m not even mad, because I love it. It just happens to be my scent of the day today. Also in this month’s bag: “Water Witch” (a musky, mermaid-y scent…but I like “Sea Hag” better); “Don’t Be a Lady, Be a Legend” (their site says the main note is raspberry lambic, but it’s been decades since I’ve drank it, so I’ll take their word on it); “100% That Bitch” (ooooh, cotton candy!); and “Bleeding Heart” (strawberries in champagne, I love this one).

I would wear every single one of the scents this month, but if I had to pick a favorite…I’m torn between “Black Honey” and “Bleeding Heart”.

I subscribe to the Mini Subscription Bag at just $15/month (shipping is extra), but there’s also a Medium Subscription Bag for $40/month and a Full Size Subscription Bag for $70/month. Click here for a $5 off coupon (for you AND me)!

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