Sucreabeille’s Old Soul Haul

How the hell am I supposed to smell all these delightful new scents with COVID-19? Help!

I placed this monster order on the day after Xmas and it took a bit to get here. I had been working my way through the scents slowly – a new one each day – but my progress was sidelined by a positive COVID test last week…argh…I’m all better now, and I can smell again…

The first item I added to my cart was a sample of “Old Soul” ($13), Sucreabeille’s most exclusive perfume. It’s a mix of rose and jasmine, with an undercurrent of sandalwood. My husband REALLY liked it, which is NOT normal for rose scents. I’ll be saving up my money for this one – an ounce is $150!

Next was The Blood Drunk Collection Box ($59), which includes a 1oz Oil Rollerball of “Blood Drunk”, which smells like a rich, musky pomegranate on me. The collection also included a tin with sample drams of “Blood Lust” (it’s sexy, but I’m not getting a “red lipstick” scent from it), “Heart’s Blood” (Egyptian musk, but different than Momento Mori), “Blood Drop” (like a bloody speculoos cookie…my husband said it was “medicinal”), as well as a special sample of “Fresh Blood” (hints of cherry in this blood). To be honest, they all smell very similar to me – I don’t think I could tell them apart in a blind smell test. They are also all oils and fade really fast on me.

I ordered another set of 5ml Sample vials ($28): “Blood of my Enemies” (this one smells smoky and somehow…salty?); “Cyanide” (a sharp, sweet cherry/almond start, but it disappears much too quickly on me); “Combustible Lemons” (a strong spike of lemon scent – like Lemon Pledge, but not quite – and then is disappears); “Sea Hag” (This one was a surprise favorite, with strong notes of petrichor – I need a full size); and “Not, Today Satan!” (the strongest note is Osmanthus, overpowering the candied grapefruit – I need to come back to this one).

I also ordered a set of 5 EDP drams ($60): “Belladonna” (yes, yes, another rose – but I love this one, too!); “Heck Puppy” (it doesn’t smell like a puppy – maybe more like clean puppy breath?); “Crafty Witch” (the description says it smells like a craft room and it smells like MY craft room/office – stacks of yarns and fabric and paper, with a hint of stale coffee and dust); “Black Honey” (one of my faves from my first order); and “Memento Mori” (why did I order more of this? I already have one).

Lots of freebies with this order. I got a free welcome gift (signing up for texts, I think) of a dram of “Coven”, which smells like herbs and leaves, but turns musky on me. I also got a mystery 8.5ml Oil Rollerball, which turned out to be “Sophia” from the retired Golden Girls Collection. The sharp cinnamon and vanilla notes smell like Ben Gay and Cheesecake on me…or maybe that is just what my brain imagines Sophia would smell like? My order was over $150, so I also received a free Rose Collection Box, which includes a dram of “Briar Rose”, a delicious green rose scent with a strong undercurrent of rosemary; a bottle of “Wood Rose” Bubble Bath, which I’ve been using as a shower gel and it smells exactly like you’d expect – sawdust and roses; and “Flame Rose” Buttercream Lotion, scented like burned leather and roses. This might be one of the most long-lasting and moisturizing lotions I’ve tried.

I ALSO signed up for Sucreabeille’s small monthly subscription box, which arrived…but I haven’t even gotten to sample yet – UGH.

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