Influenster Vox Box – Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath Gloss

Influenster and Charlotte Tilbury graciously sent me a complimentary sample of Collagen Lip Bath in “Refresh Rose” in exchange for my honest review.

Normally, I’m not a big fan of lip plumpers. My sister got me Lip Venom when it first came out – I don’t think they even make it anymore, it was so spicy. I’ve also tried Too Faced Lip Injection, as well as several other brands. I never noticed much of a difference, but then again I have full lips. I am definitely not the target market. The website touts marine collagen as the ingredient that causes plumper lips. The tingling feeling is coming from menthol and peppermint oil, so if you’re sensitive to either of those two ingredients – it’s best to steer clear. I definitely prefer the minty tingle to the capsicum that fuels some other plumpers.

I am also not big on lip glosses right now, preferring a smoother balm that doesn’t get all over everything. I will say that the collagen lip bath doesn’t make a mess and it felt nice on my lips. Since “Refresh Rose” is a clear gloss, I’v e been using it over lip stains and I really like how it feels and lasts all day. I also like the unique heart shaped applicator…that’s a new one to me.

I looked up the price point – $35 – and internally screamed. A bit pricy for a gloss, no matter how nice. If they drop it down to $20, I think they’d sell a lot more…I’m guessing that’s why I’ve never gotten any Charlotte Tilbury products before…it’s pricey AF.

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