I admit, Swamp Gloss “WHOA” appears suspiciously similar to “Revved up Like a Douche”, but it’s not supposed to be?

“WHOA” is a thermal nail polish – the part of my nail that is attached to my flesh (like, most of it) is supposed to be WHITE! Right after I painted my nails, the polish was mostly white, with a thin strip of turquoise at the tip…but when I woke up the next morning…BLAM, no more thermal action. I don’t know what made it not work…hmmm…Here’s some swatches of what “WHOA” should look like, from Nicole Loves Nails.

I would be more irritated, but I like the 90s Taco Bell vibe. “WHOA” is inspired by the King of WHOA himself, Keanu Reeves and was originally from Polish Pickup April 2021 – The Nineties, but made a reappearance in July 2023 – REWIND.

This is two coats of “WHOA” over Vibrant Scents Base Coat in “Island Petals” and under Glisten & Glow Glitter Grabber and Vibrant Scents Top Coat in “Island Petals”.

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