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I admit, Swamp Gloss “WHOA” appears suspiciously similar to “Revved up Like a Douche”, but it’s not supposed to be?

“WHOA” is a thermal nail polish – the part of my nail that is attached to my flesh (like, most of it) is supposed to be WHITE! Right after I painted my nails, the polish was mostly white, with a thin strip of turquoise at the tip…but when I woke up the next morning…BLAM, no more thermal action. I don’t know what made it not work…hmmm…Here’s some swatches of what “WHOA” should look like, from Nicole Loves Nails.

I would be more irritated, but I like the 90s Taco Bell vibe. “WHOA” is inspired by the King of WHOA himself, Keanu Reeves and was originally from Polish Pickup April 2021 – The Nineties, but made a reappearance in July 2023 – REWIND.

This is two coats of “WHOA” over Vibrant Scents Base Coat in “Island Petals” and under Glisten & Glow Glitter Grabber and Vibrant Scents Top Coat in “Island Petals”.


Polish Pickup July 2023 – REWIND

I absolutely LOVE that every July, Polish Pickup does a “REWIND” month that allows folks to have a chance to buy polishes that they may have missed out on from past months. Of course, the selection is dependent on what products the makers make available – I kind of went nuts on thermal polishes…

Crystal Knockout “In Sprite of It All” ($12.50) is a sparkly thermal polish. It’s from October 2022 – Sidekicks, and is inspired by Sprite from Legend of Zelda. I have never played it or watched any of the cartoons, so I’ll take their word for it. I just bought it because it reminds me of my birthstone, amethyst.

Dam Nail Polish “Don’t Go in There, it’s Haunted AF” ($13) is NOT a thermal polish. It’s from September 2022 – Scary Vibes, and is inspired by a haunted house with pumpkin guards (I cannot even visualize that, but whatever).

Fancy Gloss “The Toxic Bitch” ($13) is a TRI-THERMAL and is from June 2020 – Cocktails and Mocktails. I’ve seen the swatches and I am VERY excited to try it…there’s a surprise in this polish and I don’t want to ruin it!

Swamp Gloss “Whoa” ($13.50) is yet another thermal polish. It’s from April 2021 – The Nineties, and is inspired by the one and only Keanu Reeves. I mean…who else could “Whoa” be referring to? (If anyone says Joey Lawrence, I will SLAP them.)

Oh, and I got Vapid Wax “It’s Like RAYYYYEEEEAAAYYYYNNNN” ($5) – I love the scent of petrichor and rain in general, so this is going right into my bathroom warmer. This one was from March 2019 – Album Covers.

I went so crazy in July that I held myself back from even LOOKING at the August Polish Pickup last week…Not sure if I’ll purchase in September, but I already KNOW I am going to load up on spooky October polishes.


Revved Up Like a Douche

Admit it, you thought the lyric was “Revved up like a douche”, too.

Originally written and released by Bruce Springsteen, the cover by Manfred Mann is the better known version of “Blinded by the Light”. This version includes the oft misheard lyric “Revved up like a deuce”…but wouldn’t if be more fun to be revved up like a douche?

Swamp Gloss Indie Polish “Revved Up Like a Douche” is from June’s Polish Pickup – Misheard Song Lyrics. It’s a sheer, but buildable crelly jam-packed with different shapes and sizes of glitter. It’s also giving me heavy 90s Taco Bell vibes.

This is two coats of “Revved Up Like a Douche” over Vibrant Scents Base Coat in “Island Petals” and under both Glisten & Glow Glitter Grabber and Vibrant Scents Top Coat in “Island Petals”.


Polish Pickup June 2023 – Misheard Song Lyrics

I love a good misheard song lyric, don’t you?

June’s Polish Pickup theme is indeed Misheard Song Lyrics, and I had a hard time picking just one…or two…so I picked four!

Zombie Claw “I Wanna Have Boobies” ($13.50) is a baby pink polish inspired by Pussycat Dolls’ “I Wanna Grow Up”. I’m not keeping this one – it was a get well gift for a friend going through some boobie “stuff”.

Lucky 13 Lacquer “You Can Dance, You Can Die, Havin’ the Time of Your Life” ($11) is a red glitter mix inspired by ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”.

Danglefoot Nail Polish “Wooaaaaaah Pigeon on a Chair” ($13) is a blue glitter mix inspired by Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer”.

Last, but not least, Swamp Gloss “Revved Up Like a Douche” ($13.50) is a turquoise glitter mix inspired by Manfred Mann’s “Blinded by the Light”. Come on, we ALL sang douche instead of deuce!

Not a cheap order…but these babies are worth it!