Polish Pickup December 2023 – Maker’s Choice

Ooohhhh…December is Maker’s Choice, which means that instead of a theme all of the maker’s are asked to follow, they are allowed to offer whatever they want!

I went a little crazy again…here are my choices for December…

I wanted a Cuticula Base Coat to go with the Top Coat I got in October, so I grabbed Cuticula Mic Drop Base Coat in “Melt Down” ($10), which is a wintery peppermint and vanilla cream scented base coat. It’s got more to it than that, but I really couldn’t place it.

I cannot WAIT to try Paradox Polish “We’re All Born Naked, The Rest is Drag” ($13), inspired of course, by RuPaul. It’s a thermal polish!

Beaux Reves Lacquer “No Ordinary Rose” ($12) is a shimmer inspired by The Little Prince. That book sure does come up in pop culture a lot these days, doesn’t it?

Lumen Lacquer “Glass Jellyfish” ($13) is a sister polish to “Glass Frog”. I had passed on “Glass Frog”, so I’m glad I had a chance to grab this one.

Finally, Atomic Polish “Redrum” ($13) was the FIRST polish I added to my basket. Not only because it was near the front alphabetically, but because it is an OUSTANDING orangey red.

I’ve already started using these polishes – I cannot wait to share!

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  2. […] Beaux Rêves Lacquer “No Ordinary Rose” is inspired by The Little Prince. I feel like I’ve read it, but I cannot remember a damn thing about it except for what I’ve read on Wikipedia. This beauty is from December’s Polish Pickup. […]

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