We’re All Born Naked, the Rest is Drag

I went through a Drag Race phase several years ago, so I couldn’t pass up Paradox Polish “We’re All Born Naked, the Rest is Drag” from December’s Maker’s Choice. This is the last polish from December – I did it!

Even though I’m not crazy into Drag Race like I used to be, I’m still glad I picked this one up – it’s one of the BEST thermal polishes I’ve ever tried! It doesn’t stop working after a day or so and the color change is so dramatic. My daughter is also OBSESSED with thermal polishes now, so I guess that’s what I’ll be grabbing from the Pickups now.

This is two coats of “We’re All Born Naked, the Rest is Drag” over Cuticula Mic Drop Base Coat in “Melt Down” and under Cuticula Limitless Top Coat in “Raspberry Pop”. I cannot remember if I used Glitter Grabber, but I don’t think I did.

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