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I know I should’ve waited until August, but I just couldn’t do it.

Julep “Betsey – Peridot for August” might be my FAVORITE from Julep’s Birthstone Collection. It’s from Julep’s second round of Birthstone polishes – I also have the first Peridot polish, “Claudia”. “Claudia” is a lighter – almost pastel green microglitter. “Betsey”, named for Fashion Designer and Icon Betsey Johnson, the polish is darker, ferny green iridescent duochrome. There’s hints of red and green fire in the shimmer – it’s stunning.

This is two coats of “Betsey” over Glisten & Glow Base Coat and under Glisten & Glow Top Coat.

Gosh, I miss getting new Julep polishes.


Xmas Present Round-up

I had a beauty-tastic Xmas!

My sister knows how much I love Betsey Johnson, so she got me a HUGE Betsey makeup bag with flowers and skulls. Inside the bag was an ionika paddle brush and a My Beauty Spot Perfect Eyebrow Design kit. I wonder if my husband will let me use the eyebrow set on him?

My BFF outdid herself this year. She got me the “Welcome to Twin Peaks” Set from Hare Polish. I had no idea this even existed!

The polishes are “The Owls are not What They Seem”, “Wrapped in Plastic”, “The Knockouts of the Double R”, “Damn Fine Coffee” & “The Red Room”.

I’ll be wearing one…or all of them – when we go to the Twin Peaks Festival next year!

Not only is my BFF enabling me, but now she’s enabling Lily. She gave Lily the OPI Coca Cola 10-pack of Style, which has 8 mini bottles of polish (“Coca-Cola Red”, “Today I Accomplished Zero”, “My Signature is DC”, “You’re So Vain-illa”, “Sorry I’m Fizzy Today”, “Get Cherried Away”, “Green on the Runway” & “A Grape Affair”), plus Nail Envy nail strengthener and Top Coat.

I asked her if I could borrow them and she said, “No – you have enough of your own polish.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Divine Makeup Bags


I didn’t NEED any more makeup bags…but since when does NEED have anything to do with it?

I was at Ross, buying some tie shoes for Lily – shoes with laces, for those who don’t speak “kindergartner”. After looking through the beauty section and managing not to buy anything, I was standing in the exceedingly long checkout line and I saw these beauties in a bin by the registers. I love Betsey Johnson and I love flamingos, so I knew I would be buying them before I even saw the price tag. The Department Store tag said $68, so I don’t feel bad about paying $18.99 for the set.

Lily is so cute…she asked if the little one was for her. I may have said, “Hell no!” a little too quickly…she looked really sad. So in addition to trying to find a set for my BFF, now Lily wants one, too.