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Wrapped in Plastic – The Return

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You had to know that this beauty was coming back…

I had to show off Hare Polish “Wrapped in Plastic” along with my other Twin Peaks polishes. I started with Sinful Colors Base Coat, painted two coats and finished off with Zoya Matte Velvet Top Coat. I am in love with how it turned out. It reminds me of a frosted over window in winter, with the crystals reflecting the sun.

The strangest thing happened with this polish – it changed colors. After a day or so, it began to take on a yellow hue, instead of the pure ice blue. I think it might have been caused by my fingernails, stained by the green and yellow polishes that I used last.

The first time I tried it (several years ago!!!), I went shiny. I definitely like the matte version better.


Green Formica Table

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Twin Peaks is so close I can taste it…so you’re gonna have to put up with a bunch of Twin Peaks-themed manicures.

I’ve been thinking about “Green Formica Table” for ages and ages. (Or technically, “This is a formica table. Green is its colors.) Going off of memory, this is how I remember the green formica table and I was too lazy to watch Fire Walk With Me again…or google it. I think I did pretty well.

I started with Sinful Colors Base Coat and two coats of Sinful Colors “Happy Ending”. I topped with a single coat of Hare Polish “The Owls are Not What They Seem” and then finished with Zoya Matte Velvet Top Coat.

If you’re familiar with “Happy Ending”, it’s a bright kelly green. The jelly brown in “Owls” darkened it up just enough to make it look like aged plastic, plus the matte-ed glitter made it perfect.

Just two more days until Agent Cooper returns…isn’t it too dreamy?



Frightmare & The Black Lodge Redux


Didn’t I tell you that I was going to redo my Black Lodge nails for Texas Frightmare Weekend?

They turned out even better than the first time! Again, I used Sinful Colors Base Coat with Sinful Colors “No Text Red” on my thumb and pinky. I added Julep “Kirby” for a broken glass effect on my pinky. I used Jamberry “Black and White Chevrons” on my index finger and I cut letters out of “Newsprint on Neutral” for my ring finger. I then used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure “Sweet Talker” for a nude look. I used Hare Polish “The Red Room” on my middle fingers, but it chipped IMMEDIATELY, even with the “HK Girl”. It almost ruined my weekend.

Not to brag, but Jennifer Lynch LOVED my nails!


This year’s Frightmare was the best ever – I got to meet Audrey Horne herself, Sherilyn Fenn. She is adorable!

I also got to meet Jennifer Lynch, not only the daughter of David Lynch, but she also wrote The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. I had bought my third copy of the book for her to sign on Amazon – having lent out my previous copies, which of course, disappeared. (You know who you are.) I won’t be lending out this copy, no sirree!

I was blown a kiss by the Warlock himself, Julian Sands and told Rachel True how much I love Nowhere. All in all, a great weekend.


Of course, we had to make a stop at Ulta. They must be planning a major reset, because all of their polish was $2 and all of their lip stuff was $4. I picked up 3 lip glosses“Toast”, “Mischief” and “Siren”. The polish was really picked over, so I just got “Material Girl” – because of the name, DUH.

I looked for a rollerball of Tory Burch, but they don’t carry it – I guess I need to hit Sephora.

Except for mistakenly asking the waiter at Outback for an Awesome Blossom instead of a Bloomin’ Onion, it was a fun and mostly stress-free trip!


The Black Lodge

I’ve had this Twin Peaks themed manicure in my head for months…and I finally was able to test it out. This is a dry run of how I plan to do my nails in a few weeks to attend Texas Frightmare Weekend – Sherilyn Fenn and Jennifer Lynch will be there!

I did the Jamberry portion first – “Black & White Chevrons” on my index finger and I used “Newsprint on Neutral” to cut a “b” and an “r” for my ring fingers. (I know they should have been capital letters, but I couldn’t find any on the wrap.) I then did 2 coats of Sally Hansen Total Manicure “Sweet Talker” on my ring finger to seal it. I then used Sinful Colors Base Coat on the rest of my nails. I used 2 coats of Sinful Colors “No Text Red” on my thumb and pinky. I used 2 coats of Hare Polish “The Red Room” on my middle finger. I sealed all of my painted nails with “HK Girl”.

I absolutely LOVE how my nails turned out. I am going to make a few changes next time, including incorporating “How’s Annie?” into the mix.

I can’t wait for another trip!


The Owls are Not What They Seem

Since yesterday was “Twin Peaks Day” – February 24, 1989 was the day that Special Agent Dale Cooper arrived in Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer – I decided to use Hare Polish “The Owls are Not What They Seem”.

It kinda reminds me of an owl, but more than anything, it looks like my granite countertops. The countertops are not what they seem. There should be a green version of this polish called “Green Formica Table”?

I used Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat and “HK Girl” for the top coat. The “HK Girl” shrank! Ugh. On the bright side, it’s a fairly uniform shrunken edge.


The Knockouts of the Double R

Another outstanding polish from Hare Polish  called “The Knockouts of the Double R”. This Twin Peaks inspired polish was created to match Norma and Shelly’s uniforms at the Double R Diner.

I started with Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat and then two coats of “Double R”. I then got to try out my new Glisten & Glow “HK Girl” Top Coat! For the last few months, I have been seeing this top coat over and over again on Instagram. I would see hands rocking the same polishes I had, but they looked so much better. Almost invariably, they would be using “HK Girl” – so I finally ordered it. It’s $6.99 + $2.50 shipping, so not too terribly pricey. I’m going to try it out for a while before giving a full review, but so far – I love it!


The Red Room

I’ve got loads of new polish to try out, but I keep coming back to the Twin Peaks Collection by Hare Polish. This is “The Red Room”a red jelly base with hexes and squares in black and white, plus white flakies and shimmer. The Red Room is one of the most iconic locations in Twin Peaks, with the sweeping red velvet curtains and black & white floors. “Where we’re from, the birds sing a pretty song…”

I used Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat and Top Coat. The polish stuck quite well to the base coat and I don’t have any chips.

It kind of reminds me of this copycat paint job from a few months back, but a lot less work!


Damn Fine Coffee

Maybe not so much like a cup of damn fine coffee, but a pile of damn fine coffee grounds?

That’s because I used Zoya Matte Top Coat – it really brings out the gold flecks in “Damn Fine Coffee” from the Twin Peaks Collection by Hare Polish. I kind of wish that I had used Orly Bonder instead of Sinful Colors Base Coat. I got a chip within an hour of application….because my husband made me load the dishwasher. Just because he cleaned the kitchen, made dinner and baked me cookies. He’s so MEAN!


She’s Dead – Wrapped in Plastic

Here it is – the first of the Twin Peaks polishes.

This is Hare Polish “Wrapped in Plastic”. The base is a translucent blue, the color of Laura Palmer’s skin. Inside the polish are white, aqua and iridescent gold glitter. The polish is a bit thick. I could have gone for a sheerer look and used one coat, but I had to go for two coats, so it got really thick around the edges. I got a few chips in less than 24 hours, but I was sloppy with the top coat, so it might not be the polish’s fault. I think it would also look fantastic with a matte top coat.

As usual, Orly Bonder on bottom and Sally Hansen Diamond Flash on top.

See the first collection HERE…and OMG, they just came out with a second Twin Peaks Collection HERE. I NEEEEED the Garmonbozia!


Xmas Present Round-up

I had a beauty-tastic Xmas!

My sister knows how much I love Betsey Johnson, so she got me a HUGE Betsey makeup bag with flowers and skulls. Inside the bag was an ionika paddle brush and a My Beauty Spot Perfect Eyebrow Design kit. I wonder if my husband will let me use the eyebrow set on him?

My BFF outdid herself this year. She got me the “Welcome to Twin Peaks” Set from Hare Polish. I had no idea this even existed!

The polishes are “The Owls are not What They Seem”, “Wrapped in Plastic”, “The Knockouts of the Double R”, “Damn Fine Coffee” & “The Red Room”.

I’ll be wearing one…or all of them – when we go to the Twin Peaks Festival next year!

Not only is my BFF enabling me, but now she’s enabling Lily. She gave Lily the OPI Coca Cola 10-pack of Style, which has 8 mini bottles of polish (“Coca-Cola Red”, “Today I Accomplished Zero”, “My Signature is DC”, “You’re So Vain-illa”, “Sorry I’m Fizzy Today”, “Get Cherried Away”, “Green on the Runway” & “A Grape Affair”), plus Nail Envy nail strengthener and Top Coat.

I asked her if I could borrow them and she said, “No – you have enough of your own polish.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you!