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SO Violet

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I was digging in my “untrieds” box and I pulled out Jenna Hipp “Violet Eclair” from the bottom. I thought, “Why not?”

Oh my, this polish is oh so violet. Unlike the other Jenna Hipp polishes that I have, this one isn’t a pure creme – it has a flash of blue shimmer. The polish was thin and a bit streaky, but it was barely noticeable after two coats. This is two coats of “Violet Eclair” over Sinful Colors Base Coat and under “HK Girl”.

I need more purple in my life. I tend to set aside the purples and I don’t know why – they make me so happy once they’re on my fingers.


More Minty Fresh

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There’s something about mint nail polish – I can’t not think of toothpaste. This is Jenna Hipp “Thin Mint”, a creme polish similar to the original Minty Fresh – Zoya “Dillon”.

I started with Sinful Colors Base Coat. The first coat of “Thin Mint” was streaky and blotchy, but the second coat smoothed everything out and self leveled to a beautiful finish. “HK Girl” was the finishing touch.

This polish needs silver glitter!

My nails are so short…I had to trim them all down again, after chipping my middle and pinky nail. I also mangled my ring finger – I cut the edge too close to the quick as I was rounding the edges…it’s all swollen and gross and pink. Ugh, I can’t wait to relax and be gentle to my hand again.


Pink Lady Fingers

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What kind of silly name is that for a nail polish? “Pink Lady Finger”. Oh, if only I could name nail polishes…this one would be “Pink Lady Flamingo”.

I tend to think that all pink creme polishes look like a plastic lawn flamingo. This is Jenna Hipp “Pink Lady Finger”. I was looking for a neon-leaning, summery polish for this weekend. I think this one fits the bill.

I started with Sinful Colors Base Coat. The first coat was streaky, but I thought the second coat would take care of it…nope, still a bit streaky on the second coat – BUT…“HK Girl” made it much less noticeable.

I am in love with my index finger right now – I want to have it’s babies. It’s the perfect length and perfectly shaped – that never happens. Actually, ALL of the nails on my left hand are looking really good right now. So that means I’ll break one tomorrow…guaranteed.


Salmon Clamdiggers


So Old Navy was having a ridiculous Memorial Day sale – the whole store was on sale and I ended up going twice, knocking out a little of next year’s School Shopping…although mostly shopping for myself. I’d been coveting The Pixie Ankle Pants for while, although on my 6’1 frame, they’re more like what my mother would have called “Clamdiggers” on me.

I’d tried them on several times, but never saw the right color and fit…until now. I came across a pair with a salmon pattern and fell in love. I don’t know why – I’ve never particularly cared for the color, but they were just so…funky. I tried them on and they were like magic pants. I grabbed a salmon colored cardigan (grandma sweater) and white tank top to match…and I saw a Real Housewife staring back at me. I finally have something to wear while skipping out of PTA meetings to go smoke behind the elementary school! Wouldn’t you know, my husband said they’re HIDEOUS.


Of course, I had the perfect polishes to match – Julep “Nan” for my toes and Jenna Hipp “Crème de Cantaloupe”.

I went back to Orly Bonder for the base coat. “Crème the Cantaloupe” was streaky as hell on the first coat and started to worry, but the second coat smoothed out perfectly. My “HK Girl” is getting low and hard to get out of the bottle, but I got it on there – only a few uses left.

That color though…it is NOT for my skin tone. It’s like an electric cantaloupe!


Pink or Purple?


This polish has me all verklempt – is it pink or purple?

At first, I was convinced it was light purple, but when I showed my husband – he said it was very pink. I argued that it was purple, but my daughter agreed – definitely pink. Well shit.

In any case, Jenna Hipp “Très Parfait” was just as awesome as “Rose Tart” – super smooth in two coats. I used Sinful Colors Base Coat this time, but stuck with “HK Girl” – I love that shit, even if it smells like super glue.


Nail Polish & Chocolate


Lunchtime shopping at Walgreen’s means two things – nail polish and chocolate.

I’ve been waiting and waiting for Sinful Colors to go on sale for 99 cents – finally! I showed restraint and picked up four – “Zest of Times”, “Prized Plume”, “Social Ladder” and “Star Blast Off”. I also grabbed a clearance Revlon Parfumerie “Italian Leather” for $1.69.

I also came across Lindt Chocolates for half off – Mother’s Day leftovers? Sweet Baby Jesus, these are some of the tastiest chocolates I’ve ever had.


I couldn’t resist trying the two toppers over my current Jenna Hipp “Rose Tart”.

“Prized Plume” is on my middle finger – it is a beautiful iridescent peacock blue. “Zest of Times” is on my ring finger – it adds a glassy glimmer and makes it look like a dupe of “Forget Now”.

Which one do I play with first?



Rose Tart

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Jenna Hipp “Rose Tart” is exactly the same color as the Knockout Roses along my back fence. It’s a creamy pink with a touch of red. As a matter of fact, when my husband first saw it, he said, “Bloody.” He thought it was blood red. I’d be concerned, but we constantly argue about colors.

I am quite impressed by the Jenna Hipp formula. It went on smoothly, with almost one coat coverage. I started with Orly Bonder and then painted 2 coats of “Rose Tart”, just to be sure. I topped with “HK Girl” and although I got 1-2 bubbles, it was mostly trouble free.

I am looking forward to trying the rest of the colors…


Sephora Math


Sometimes shopping at Sephora takes a bit of math to get the best deal.

I totally fell in love with the Tory Burch perfume I received a few weeks ago. Since they didn’t have it at Ulta, I decided to break down and order it from Sephora…but $28! Daaaaang, girl. But I also noticed that Tory Burch was one of the options in the Spray of Sunshine Perfume Sampler, which was only $24. Bingo! So I ordered the set online and it got here Friday. They were also offering a Fresh & Floral Perfume Sampler for free with each $25 purchase. So I added a $1 hair tie to my order to get more samples. (I’m pretty sure that’s what those hair ties are for…)

Also inside the Spray of Sunshine Perfume Sampler: Chloe “Love Story” (old ladyish, gardenia?); Elizabeth and James “Nirvana White” (Fuck you, Olsen Twins – although marginally better than “Nirvana Black”, it smells like a knockoff, like one of those designer impostors at the grocery store); Giorgio Armani “Si” (Spicy flowers, smells like the lobby of the Palazzo in Vegas); Marc Jacobs “Daisy Dream” (Reminds me of a Mother’s Day Bouquet – bright, but cheap); and “Stella” by Stella McCartney (Love this old fashioned rose scent – already own it). Inside the Fresh & Floral Sampler: another Tory Burch; another “Nirvana White”; another “Love Story”, Burberry “My Burberry” (smells like new leather shoes – why?); Dolce & Gabbana “Light Blue” (Douchey); philosophy “live joyously” (literally smells like nothingness); Dior “Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet” ( Citrus, but flowers – good job, Natalie Portman) and my personal favorite of the bunch – Atelier Cologne “Mandarine Glaciale” (The ultimate in unisex – like masculine & feminine at the same time – orange spray, but an underlying sexual scent that’s almost obscene). For my regular 3 samples, I picked Atelier Cologne “Orange Sanguine” (I lucked out and got 2 – I already own it, but so?); Buxom “Show Some Skin” Weightless Foundation”; and Urban Decay “Naked Skin” Ultra Definition Powder Foundation.


I always have a trick up my sleeve. I volunteered for the monthly trip to Costco, knowing it would be a perfect opportunity to hit Ulta and Sephora first. Of course, I didn’t tell Logan this until we were almost to Ulta. Oh, the moaning! All I needed was more Zoya Remove+, but he also talked me into buying him a new eos lip balm in “Lemon Drop”. I must say, the kid’s got taste. We then zipped into Sephora to get my Tory Burch Rollerball. Nothing else caught my eye.

I was surprised that something did catch my eye at Costco – the Jenna Hipp “The New Candies” mini nail polish collection. I’ve never heard of Jenna Hipp, but it was only $7.99! It included 8 creme polishes in yummy sounding colors: “Marshmallow Fondant”, “Crème the Cantaloupe”, “Pink Lady Finger”, “Violet Éclair”, “Très Parfait”, “Thin Mint”, “Rose Tart” and “American Pie”.

So that’s Sephora Math – any questions?