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My Glitter Game is Strong


After several rounds of Tilex and scrubbing my shower stall door with a toothbrush yesterday, I found that my nails didn’t look quite as spiffy as they did just a few hours before. The solution…you guessed it – GLITTER.

My glitters of choice were Sally Hansen Gem Crush “Lady Luck” and Gem Crush “Glitz Gal”. “Lady Luck” is exactly the same shade as the base coats of JulieG “Gift Wrapping” – they look really spiffy together. You can see “Gift Wrapping” just barely peeking through underneath the steel gray glitter in “Glitz Gal”.

As usual, I used Sally Hansen Diamond Flash to seal the glitter. I washed dishes all morning and my nails still look great. Like I said, my glitter game is strong.


Furious Fuchsia


I’m always on the lookout for the perfect fuchsia…the fuchsia that perfectly matches my “Furious Fuchsia” car. I think I may have found it…

This is JulieG “Gift Wrapping” from the Holiday 2012 Collection. It was one of my $1 Big Lots finds. It looks so dark in the bottle, I didn’t have it in mind to be even close to “Furious Fuchsia”, but as I put on the second coat, I saw it.

The picture at left is in full sun, with my car as a backdrop. The bottle is still darker than the polish on my nails and my nails appear a tic lighter than my car, due to my car being in the shade and my fingers being in the sun. TAKING PICTURES OF MY NAILS IS GETTING SO DAMN COMPLICATED.


Good Intentions


My intention when I walked into Big Lots today was just to pick up some Veggie Straws. Maybe some Zone Bars and Pop Tarts…the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I saw The Healing Garden “Passionate Rose” Rainwater Body Mist first. I’m always on the lookout for Rose scented stuff – it’s rare and The Healing Garden is a good brand and you can’t beat $1.50.

I was disappointed that they were out of Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream. That stuff is $12.99 at regular stores and I wanted some for $5. I did find some cheap cotton rounds – I hope they don’t suck.

I turned the corner and there were several new bins of $1.00 fingernail polish. I controlled myself and picked out 5. Sinful Colors “Nova” is black with green and silver shimmer. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength “Sparkling Rose” is, well, sparkling rose. Revlon “Brilliant Bordeaux” is black with fuchsia and silver holographic bar glitter. Revlon “Ruby Ribbon” is fuchsia with fuchsia and silver holographic bar glitter. Julie G “Gift Wrapped” is fuchsia microglitter. I’m not familiar with Julie G – I hope it’s not shit.

It just goes to show that I cannot be trusted to go shopping ANYWHERE.