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Xmas in April

When work gets stressful, the only cure is lunchtime retail therapy. Mama is on a budget right now, so that means a trip to Big Lots, my favorite dirt mall. I did spend 40 cents in tolls each way though – big spender.

I saw it was like Xmas in April because I loaded up on Sinful Colors Xmas polishes. There was a huge end cap of Xmas-y colors, so I indulged in 8 of them. Hell – only at only $1.95, why not? That is 3 cents cheaper than Walmart.

Starting from the top left: “Queen of Green” – forest green with gold shimmer, “Tealing Power” – from the “Stoned Crystal Shimmer” Collection, “That’s Elfed Up” – a Xmas-y glitter, “Sassy Lassie” – a bright green shimmer, “Santa Claws” – another Xmas glitter, “Mint Candy” – green jelly topper, “Candy Apple” – a red jelly topper, and “Rock Candy” – a blue/silver jelly topper.

Oh, I also cheated on Bath & Body Works by picking up a bottle of cheap-ass Simple Pleasures Hand Soap in “Rosewater Peony” – I couldn’t resist the scent. I doubt this $1 soap will replace my brand…but you never know…


Big Lots is now Sinful


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Walgreen’s has been disappointing on the Sinful Colors front lately. My worst fears have been confirmed by a Sinful Colors fb Group I joined – Walgreen’s is phasing out Sinful Colors and will no longer carry them…where will I get my fix?

Big Lots…Big Lots is where I will get my fix.

Since I moved offices across town a few years ago, there’s not a Big Lots close, so my trips have have pretty much stopped…but on my day off, I was close to one, so I stopped in to look for my precious….They had bins and bins of my precious.

I picked out 5 very glittery polishes, at $1.95 each. I got three of the Moon Metal polishes – “Planet Out”, “Cosmotion” and “Down to Earth”. I also got one of the Smashing Flecks polishes – “Smash Hit” – and I could only find one of the new Christmas Jelly Toppers – “Candy Ginger”.

I got to use a $5 off $15 coupon, because I bought some other crap, too. I’m looking forward to more Big Lots trips…


Son Torture Saturday


My husband was as shocked as I was that Lily wanted to go home with him after lunch and my son Logan wanted to go shopping with me…I am pretty sure it was because I mentioned that I might hit HEB on the way home to get guacamole – he loves all the free samples at HEB. Boy was he in for a surprise.

First we hit Ulta. I wanted to check out Zoya clearance polishes I’d been seeing online. (If ONLY my Ultas carried Deborah Lippman!) They had ALL of the special display polishes on clearance for $4.47 – since I have 3 polishes coming from the 3/$15 deal, I was conservative and only got Zoya “Dovima”, the matte black. I had my finger crossed that it would ring up at $.97, but it didn’t. I was pleasantly surprised that the Ulta “Mango Tango” Bath Smoothie I picked up for my husband DID ring up at $.97 – I was expecting $5.99. I didn’t even get to use my $3.50 off coupon. My poor son had to stand there for 20-30 minutes while I tried a few different foundations. I was bummed that they were out of the “Light” Urban Decay BB Cream. I tried the “Medium” on my wrist and I liked the texture…the hunt is on.

The second stop was Bath & Body Works for one more spin at the Semi Annual Sale. Again, I was looking for more of the Aromatherapy Stress Relief Bath Foam. They didn’t have any, but they did have the Stress Relief Hand Cream. I also stocked up on 5/$10 Scentportables for our cars, $4 candles, 2 $3 “Pacific Cool Breeze” Hand Soaps and 2 more “Dark Amber” Body Washes for my husband. I also got to whip out my $10 off $40 email – receipt said I saved $68.25.

Stop three – although we had already gone to Target as a family, I had to go to a SECOND Target to find one of my beloved Up & Up Dip-its. By now, my son was starting to be annoyed, so I bribed him with clearance Lindt Dark Chocolates.

The chocolate enabled us to power through to stop four – Big Lots. Big Lots always has the best prices on Pop Tarts. They had Raspberry Pop Tarts, which I confirmed this morning are the VERY best flavor of Pop Tarts ever made – even better than Pumpkin Pie or Red Velvet. I couldn’t resist digging through the nail polish bin – they had so much! I settled for just a single $1 bottle – Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in “Sage Smash”. He also talked me into buying Cherry filled, chocolate covered Twinkies. I’m such a pushover.

By this point, we were exhausted…so we just went home. My poor son had to go through all this – holding fingernail polish for me, watching me swatch foundation and search for bubble bath – and he didn’t even get his free HEB food. I’m a mean mommy…


Lunchtime Score


Over the past week, I’ve started to see Instagram posts of people snagging Kat Von D stuff for super cheap at T.J. Maxx & Marshalls. You know I had to make a quick trip during my lunch hour…

I managed to snag a Kat Von D “Triple Threat Tattoo Liner” – a set of 3 black felt tip liners with different tips. For $6.99 – why not? I also got a 3 pack of e.l.f. Hypershine lip gloss for $2.99 – it’s a knock off of stila lip glaze, but at a fifth of the price. It’s a thinner formula, but it has decent staying power for about $1 each – score! I was shocked to see a few bottles of Julep polish mixed in with the rest – I picked up a bottle of Julep “Lexie”…not for myself, but for a very special “Lexie” that I know.

While I was out, I popped in to Big Lots to get Pop-Tarts for my kids – because they WORLD WILL END if they have to eat something that is not a Pop-Tart. I couldn’t resist digging through the bins of polish…I grabbed Sinful Colors “Holiday Rebel” – green and red glitter for Xmas – and Sinful Colors “What’s Your Name” – a black jelly with blue/purple duochrome shimmer. I’m so excited about that last one.

So…I will be hitting all the Marshalls, T.J. Maxx and Ross until my eyeliner thirst is satiated…


Dirt Mall Shopping


My kids tried to tell me that they couldn’t take a shower because they were out of soap. I had to venture out into the hot sun to Big Lots during lunch to eliminate that ridiculous excuse. My kids love cheap character soap and shampoo that’s $1 at Big Lots, so they can have their choice of smelling like Dora, My Little Pony, Monster High, Spongebob – whatever. I filled my cart.

I couldn’t resist picking up a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups lipgloss. Surely my husband would enjoy a big sloppy smackeroo that tastes like his favorite candy? Unfortunately, the cheap tube was leaky and slimy when I took it out of the package. Even worse, it smelled rancid. It was just like those Buttered Popcorn Jelly Bellies. That fucking nasty shit went right in the trash. Oh well, it was only $1.

I also stopped by the Dollar Tree next store to grab one of the Beauty Concepts Skull Polishes – I saw it on Instagram and had to have one. I need another pink polish like I need a hole in my head, but again…it was only $1.


Red Sticker Fever


Yup…I went again. I picked a different location to see what goodies they had left from the massive Ulta clearance…I was not disappointed.

I decided to try Ulta “Citrus Rose” Rejuvenating Bath & Shower Gel ($2.97 down from $9.50). I’m gonna be pissed if I love it, because I’ll never find it again. I also got a compact folding brush for my purse. I’m tired of rushing out of the house and realizing that my children look like Little Orphan Annie.

The best deals were in nail polish. I found Sparitual “Improvisation” ($2.97 down from $12), China Glaze “Bling it on” ($.97 down from $8.50), 2 China Glaze “Scattered & Tattered” ($.97 down from $8.50) – 1 for me and 1 for my BFF because it appears to be a dupe of her favorite Sinful Colors polish, Sally Hansen “Fruit-Ta-Ta” ($1.49 down from $2.99) and Ulta “Pinata Yada” ($.47). Including my $3.50 off coupon, I spent $9.53 at Ulta.

I also stopped by Big Lots to take advantage of their 20% off for members day. Besides Pop-Tarts and Veggie Sticks, I found My Beauty Spot “Lux Velvet Effect Nail Art Kit”. It is supposed to make my nails look and feel like crushed velvet. I am skeptical, yet intrigued. For $2.80, I can take a chance…


Saturday Shopping Fun


Another Saturday, another shopping marathon with Lily.

First stop was Ulta. I needed another Zoya “Remove +”, because I finally created my dream nail polish remover system. Last week, I bought another up&up “nail polish remover dip-it”. I emptied it and refilled it with Zoya “Remove +” – this is the absolute best way to remove nail polish. It’s soft and gentle and doesn’t smell like Chernobyl.

I also picked up Ulta “Ultimate Brunette” Shampoo and Conditioner. I exclusively use John Frieda “Brilliant Brunette”, but I wanted to give Ulta’s version a chance – it was $4.99 and BOGO. With my $3.50 off coupon, this purchase  put me at Platinum status – $400.89 to be exact. Woo hoo!


After McDonald’s, my Eye Doctor and Rack Room Shoes, we hit Bath & Body Works for my 3rd round at the Semi Annual Sale. Mini Candles were 5/$10, so I picked up “Beach Cabana”, “Pink Petal Tea Cake”, “Fresh Picked Strawberries” and 2 “Red Lava Guava”. I want to exfoliate, so I grabbed a 75% off “Apricot & Honey” Body Scrub. 3 more 50% off Hand Soaps (NOT AntiBac) – “Sea Side Bloom”, “Endless Summer” and “Honolulu Sun”. Last, I let Lily pick another travel body spray – 75% off – she chose “Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom”. This week’s coupon was 20% off $25, so I got all this for about $20. I’m running out of room for soap.

I did manage to go to Big Lots after that (Zone Bars!) and NOT buy any nail polish. We did look…nothing tempted us.

Pretty full shopping day and spent under $100…


Furious Fuchsia


I’m always on the lookout for the perfect fuchsia…the fuchsia that perfectly matches my “Furious Fuchsia” car. I think I may have found it…

This is JulieG “Gift Wrapping” from the Holiday 2012 Collection. It was one of my $1 Big Lots finds. It looks so dark in the bottle, I didn’t have it in mind to be even close to “Furious Fuchsia”, but as I put on the second coat, I saw it.

The picture at left is in full sun, with my car as a backdrop. The bottle is still darker than the polish on my nails and my nails appear a tic lighter than my car, due to my car being in the shade and my fingers being in the sun. TAKING PICTURES OF MY NAILS IS GETTING SO DAMN COMPLICATED.


Good Intentions


My intention when I walked into Big Lots today was just to pick up some Veggie Straws. Maybe some Zone Bars and Pop Tarts…the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I saw The Healing Garden “Passionate Rose” Rainwater Body Mist first. I’m always on the lookout for Rose scented stuff – it’s rare and The Healing Garden is a good brand and you can’t beat $1.50.

I was disappointed that they were out of Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream. That stuff is $12.99 at regular stores and I wanted some for $5. I did find some cheap cotton rounds – I hope they don’t suck.

I turned the corner and there were several new bins of $1.00 fingernail polish. I controlled myself and picked out 5. Sinful Colors “Nova” is black with green and silver shimmer. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength “Sparkling Rose” is, well, sparkling rose. Revlon “Brilliant Bordeaux” is black with fuchsia and silver holographic bar glitter. Revlon “Ruby Ribbon” is fuchsia with fuchsia and silver holographic bar glitter. Julie G “Gift Wrapped” is fuchsia microglitter. I’m not familiar with Julie G – I hope it’s not shit.

It just goes to show that I cannot be trusted to go shopping ANYWHERE.




Big Lots is Cheap as Shit


I didn’t really expect to find anything good at Big Lots when I went looking for cheap gift bags…but of course I did.

I’m continuing to be an amateur and bought a tube of Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream for $5. I also picked up some Monster High Shampoo/Conditioner for my daughter. I hope it doesn’t give her a rash.

My best find was the lip balm I found for the kids – Bacon and Mac & Cheese. The Bacon lip balm smells like dog treats – but the Mac & Cheese lip balm is even worse…it smells like FEET. Straight up, dirty feet like my daughter’s gymnastics school. Yeah, my kids put that shit on their mouth. Ick.

I controlled myself from buying any fingernail polish. Mostly they had cheap, no-name shit…but they did have a bin of China Glaze, Revlon, Sinful Colors and stuff for $1-$2. All the colors were ugly though…