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November Beauty Box 5 – Boosted Basics


Oh, Beauty Box 5…you had me…then you lost me.

After several months of really good boxes, November is a WEIRD box. Inside this month’s “Boosted Basics” box: La Fresh good day. day moisturizer (to match the good night. moisturizer I received in an ipsy bag a few months ago?); Kaunis Facial Mask (I do love facial masks); Altchek MD Eye Gel Pads (set of 2); MOODmatcher Luxe Twist Stick in “Orange” (I used to have a green MOODmatcher in Jr. High! I tried the orange and it was a pleasant enough coral pinky hue – very moisturizing); and The All Natural Face Vegan Matte Cream Lip & Cheek Color in “Dusky Rose” (I am suspicious that the label looks like it was printed on a home printer – damn vegans).

It’s not a BAD box, just a WEIRD one.