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Polish Pickup Overstock – February 2024

Ooohh….I cannot pass up a second chance to snag polishes I may have missed!

Every so often, Polish Pickup has an overstock sale – leftovers from previous months, stuff like that. All the polishes were $12 and wax melts were $4, so I decided to grab a few.

I’m going to skip to my most traumatizing choice – Vapid Wax “Szechuan Fire”. Holy fucking shitballs, this wax set my brain on fire – and not in a good way. As soon as I put it into the wax warmer in my bathroom, I started to feel physically ill. I don’t know if it was the ginger or the szechuan, but my whole body, mind, and soul were repelled by this scent. I scraped it out of my wax warmer and threw the rest of the pack away. My husband said it wasn’t bad, but we all know that husbands cannot be trusted. This scent was from January 2022 – Spices & Condiments.

I also got Vapid Wax “Hatteras”. This was a rainy, wet scent with lots of petrichor. I like this one a lot – it’s in my bathroom as we speak. “Hatteras” is from May 2022 – National Parks & Landmarks.

Tonshi Mountain Studios “Orange Harvest” is a basic orange with hints of spice. It’s a nice orange scent, without that fake orange smell. I couldn’t find online which month this wax came from.

MTK Designs “Seaing Unicorns” was one I remember passing up in November’s Fairy Tales and Folklore. It’s inspired by the scene in The Last Unicorn, when the unicorns are freed from the scene. I cannot wait to try it.

By Dany Vianna “Nana Nenem” is inspired by the Netflix show, Invisible City. I’ve never heard of it, but I’m intrigued. This one is also from November and it’s a thermal!

Four out of five winners isn’t bad…which polish should I try first?


Polish Pickup July 2023 – REWIND

I absolutely LOVE that every July, Polish Pickup does a “REWIND” month that allows folks to have a chance to buy polishes that they may have missed out on from past months. Of course, the selection is dependent on what products the makers make available – I kind of went nuts on thermal polishes…

Crystal Knockout “In Sprite of It All” ($12.50) is a sparkly thermal polish. It’s from October 2022 – Sidekicks, and is inspired by Sprite from Legend of Zelda. I have never played it or watched any of the cartoons, so I’ll take their word for it. I just bought it because it reminds me of my birthstone, amethyst.

Dam Nail Polish “Don’t Go in There, it’s Haunted AF” ($13) is NOT a thermal polish. It’s from September 2022 – Scary Vibes, and is inspired by a haunted house with pumpkin guards (I cannot even visualize that, but whatever).

Fancy Gloss “The Toxic Bitch” ($13) is a TRI-THERMAL and is from June 2020 – Cocktails and Mocktails. I’ve seen the swatches and I am VERY excited to try it…there’s a surprise in this polish and I don’t want to ruin it!

Swamp Gloss “Whoa” ($13.50) is yet another thermal polish. It’s from April 2021 – The Nineties, and is inspired by the one and only Keanu Reeves. I mean…who else could “Whoa” be referring to? (If anyone says Joey Lawrence, I will SLAP them.)

Oh, and I got Vapid Wax “It’s Like RAYYYYEEEEAAAYYYYNNNN” ($5) – I love the scent of petrichor and rain in general, so this is going right into my bathroom warmer. This one was from March 2019 – Album Covers.

I went so crazy in July that I held myself back from even LOOKING at the August Polish Pickup last week…Not sure if I’ll purchase in September, but I already KNOW I am going to load up on spooky October polishes.


Polish Pickup May 2023 – Junk Food

Ya’ll…I might be hooked on Polish Pickup.

May’s theme was Junk Food…and I may have gravitated towards a specific kind of junk food – Mountain Dew. Three of the four items I purchased are Mountain Dew related! The Vapid Wax “Gamer Fuel” Wax Melts ($6) and Bluebird Lacquer Cuticle Balm No More Uglies in “Baja Blast” ($7) are scented like…you guessed it…Mountain Dew “Baja Blast”, my favorite flavor of Mountain Dew. They really DO smell like “Baja Blast” tastes, although the wax melts have an underlying hint of that orange puke sawdust smell (that weird shit they used to pour on vomit in elementary school, it’s a very unique smell.) One of the polishes I ordered is By Vanessa Molina “Purple Thunder” ($13), which is based on Mountain Dew “Purple Thunder”. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered this flavor…now I’m on the hunt! (A quick google says it’s exclusive to Circle K – I’ll be looking.)

Lilypad Lacquer “Licorice Allsorts” ($14) is the other polish I picked. Although I wouldn’t touch licorice with a 10 foot pole, this polish drew me in…I’m excited to see what they look like in person…