I Finally “Let It Go”


Is your house a frozen wasteland?

Are you tired of being told to “let it go”?

Do you suffer from constant demands to “build a snowman”?

Does your child run around the house with a white fuzzy blanket/cape, swirling around the room, leaving a wake of chaos?

You made be suffering from “Frozenitis”…

Yesterday, I stopped fighting it and surrendered to the “Frozenitis” – I came up with matching Elsa manicures for my daughter and I.


I used Sinful Colors “Tokyo Pearl” for the base and Sinful Colors “Ice Dream” for the glitter gradient. (It’s really hard to do a glitter gradient on a six year old’s nails, so it just looks like I did a spotty job on hers.) I used Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat on myself, but didn’t bother on Lily. I also used different top coats. I used Sally Hansen “Diamond Flash” on Lily, but before I painted my own nails, I went to HEB and happened to pick up NYC In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry in “Grand Central Station”. Angie suggested the $2 NYC topcoat when I was fretting about bubbles. “Grand Central Station” is not technically a topcoat, but I couldn’t find a Quick Dry top coat from NYC at HEB, and I had read several good reviews of “Grand Central Station” – here, here and here. I was fairly pleased with the results – very similar to the Sally Hansen Diamond Flash…maybe not quite as quick to dry, but definitely shiny and fast. For $2, I can afford to experiment…

Lily is thrilled with our matching nails – this is actually the first time we have ever had matching nails. Maybe this will become a regular thing?

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