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Miss Colombia


I think we can all agree on one thing…if nothing else, Miss Colombia had the best dress. I was dying over the pinky nude rhinestone dress. (Beauty pageants aren’t something I normally watch, but it was on in the background at the in-laws…we had so much fun heckling!) I just happened to pick up NYC “Pink Bling” at Target on Saturday…78 cents – it’s a dead ringer.

After Sinful Colors Base Coat, I did two coats of “Pink Bling”. Coverage was okay – I probably could have gotten total coverage with another coat or two, but my nails are relatively unstained right now, so I didn’t mind my natural color peaking through. “Pink Bling” is a smooth glitter, but I finished with “HK Girl” for extra protection and shine.

“Pink Bling” would look ABSOLUTELY amazing over a silver or platinum base coat.


Influenster Vox Box – Frosty Vox Box


I finally qualified for an Influenster Vox Box! That golden moment when you have just the right demographics and the Influenster gods shine down on you and send you box full of fun stuff to test out – complimentary, for testing purposes, of course.

Inside my Frosty Vox Box: Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum (I had gotten a sample in my Target Beauty Box and used it last night – what a coinkidink); NYC Expert Last Lip Color in “Sugar Plum”; Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaf Green Tea (This will go to Logan); EcoTools Sleek + Shine Finisher Hair Brush (Excited!); Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in “Black” and Gentle Eyes Makeup Remover (Yay! I am almost out of my Ulta Makeup Remover); McCormick Gourmet Thyme (This will go to my husband); and Fruit Vines Bites in “Cherry” (These will go to Lily).

This box has something for everyone! I can’t wait to dig in…

Check out Influenster for yourself…


Wait, What?


Remember that migraine? Turns out it was caused by a raging sinus infection. I finally broke down and went to Urgent Care today and got antibiotics…hoping to be back to normal soon…

Speaking of normal – this paint job isn’t. The colors in the bottle look nothing like what happened on my nails. I’m not complaining – it looks cool…but not what I expected.

Since I was feeling like crap, I did the bare minimum: one coast of Sinful Colors Base Coat, one coat of Sinful Colors “Mint Apple”, one coat of NYC Crystal Couture “Fashion Queen” and one coat of NYC “Grand Central Station”. (Although there’s a bit left in the bottle, I won’t be able to get it out without a fight – RIP “Grand Central Station”.)

“Mint Apple” was much more sheer than I thought it would be. I was surprised that “Fashion Queen” turned straight up gold on my nails – I was expecting a more orange sparkle. Now I know…



Diamond Steel


I am fighting a migraine. If I am very, very still – the pounding almost subsides.

Sinful Colors Base Coat.

One coat of a nameless steely My Beauty Spot.

One coat of Sinful Colors “Queen of Beauty”.

One coat of NYC “Grand Central Station”.

Diamond Steel.


She Loves Me!


My BFF really loves me! While she was vacationing in Seattle a few weeks ago, she stopped by a Walgreen’s and picked up a few Sinful Colors for me – “Queen of Beauty” and “Purple Diamond”. (She had also gotten me “Starry Night”, but since I already had that one – she got to keep it.)

It’s been like a month since we hung out, but we finally got to hang out yesterday. On the way back from visiting her sis in the hospital (who is like my sis), we stopped at HEB for random shit and I couldn’t resist picking up NYC “Fashion Queen”, because with the $1 off coupon…SHIT, it was 98 cents.




Here it is – the first of the 7 polishes in Delush Polish’s “Scream Supreme” Collection.

Of course I started with “Bitchcraft”. It’s a black jelly with different sizes and shades of pink glitter – from pale pink to fuchsia. It’s inspired by the 3rd season of American Horror Story – Coven. This polish makes me think of cunty Madison, played by Emma Roberts.

I used Orly Bonder for the basecoat and then painted 2 coats of “Bitchcraft”. This is the most perfect glitter I have ever used. No dabbing, no fishing. I literally just painted my nails and this is how it turned out. Absolutely stress-free glitter. The only thing I would do differently is use a different top coat. I used NYC “Grand Central Station”. The formula is too thin and it didn’t create a smooth top layer – it sunk into the cracks.

While I was at HEB, I grabbed a replacement bottle of Sally Hansen Diamond Flash – I won’t go through the disappointment of “Grand Central Station” again.

Next up – “Misty Day”.


How’s Annie? How’s Annie? How’s Annie?

In honor of the recently announced return of Twin Peaks in 2016, I created a manicure inspired by the very last words in the very last episode – “How’s Annie?”

I started with the Sinful Colors Basecoat. In order to create the look of bloody glass, I started with 2 coats of Sinful Colors “No Text Red” and then did a gradient with Julep “Kirby”. I smoothed the jagged glitter with NYC “Grand Central Station”.

“No Text Red” is very nearly a dupe for Zoya “Sooki”. The color match is exact and the formula is very similar. Yay!

My BFF has been vacationing in the Pacific Northwest this week and got to visit The Salish Lodge & Spa – AKA The Great Northern. So, so jealous! I definitely wanna go to Washington and check it out.


This is Halloween

It doesn’t get any Halloween-ier than this!

Sinful Colors “Mystery Moonshine” is one of those polishes that you only set to wear once a year – or maybe twice – it has a kind of Mardi Gras thing going. It’s a metallic green, purple and orange jagged glitter in a clear base. I carefully chose my solid colors to match up with their respective glitter colors – Sinful Colors “Pine Away” for the green, Sinful Colors “Amethyst” for the purple and Julep “Zoe” for the orange. (I felt naughty mixing brands, but “Zoe” was just too perfect.)

Each of these polishes looked great after a single coat over Orly Bonder. I’m weary of Sinful Colors “Pine Away” now – it stains like a sonofabitch. I had to dab the “Mystery Moonshine” a bit, but it didn’t take a lot of work to get a good glitter spread. I topped it off with NYC “Grand Central Station”. I really need to get another good top coat.

Confession…I’ve never seen The Nightmare Before Christmas. I know, I know…


Flash! Ah Ahhhhh…


So I was going for a Flash Gordon, lightning type thing…it didn’t exactly turn out how I imagined.

After Orly Bonder, I did one coat of Sinful Colors “Yellow Spotted”. To get a glowy effect, I then did one coat of Julep “Casper”. In retrospect, I should have done 2 coats of the “Yellow Spotted”, because “Casper” totally obliterated the yellow and made it look like a muted gold. Oh well. I then did one coat of Sally Hansen “Star Burst” Crackle Overcoat. Crackle polishes are very unpredictable. You may get a beautiful crackle, like on my thumb nail – or you could get very little crackling, like on my ring finger. “Star Burst” was very thin and grayish, but a coat of NYC “Grand Central Station” made it dark and glossy.

I tried to get a pic of the glowing, but “Casper” doesn’t glow as brightly as Funky Fingers, but maybe that’s just because I only did one coat.

Did you know that one of my nicknames in High School was “Flash”? (My BFF started it – and yes, we’ve been BFFs THAT long.) I’ll divulge no further details, other than it wasn’t for my running speed.


Bling It On


Sometimes I feel like nail polish namers aren’t even trying. China Glaze “Bling It On” is a lovely, sparkly polish, but it hardly qualifies as “bling”. You can’t have “bling” without gold or silver or diamonds or something you would find inside of Lil Wayne’s mouth. Instead, it looks like crazy cool bathroom graffiti.

I didn’t swatch the polish before putting it on my fingers, so I wasn’t expecting a clear base. Oops…I guess you get to enjoy my yellow nail tips. This polish would look really nice with a light blue polish like Sinful Colors “Cinderella” or over a black polish.

Again, I used Sally Hansen Diamond Shine as the base coat and NYC “Grand Central Station” as a top coat. Good news – no curtaining!