This is for all my friends with nail envy….sometimes my nails just end up looking like ASS.

I was so excited about my Sinful Colors haul, that I decided to try to use all the colors. DON’T try all the colors!

After Sally Hansen Diamond Shine, I put on 2 coats of “Let Me Go” – it’s a purplish pink with a blue tinge in the bottle, but it is much sheerer on the nail. I used “Super Star” as an accent on my thumb – royal blue jelly base with vibrant purple glitter – and “Decadent” on my ring finger – fuchsia glitter in various sizes. I topped with NYC In a New York Color Minute “Grand Central Station”. Unfortunately, I started doing stuff too quickly and the edges curtained. Curtaining occurs when the top layer is dry, but the layers underneath aren’t and the whole top layer moves on the nail and creates a wrinkled edge, like sweeping a curtain with a sash. It happens more often with cremes and I thought this shimmer would be safe. Nope.

I really like “Decadent” over “Let Me Go”, but the “Super Star” doesn’t match AT ALL. This shit has to go…

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