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Thank You, Julep!

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When it comes to customer service, Julep has never disappointed.

I got an email a few weeks ago that Julep was unable to release the Gel Sunscreen that was missing from last month’s Julep box. No details, but an apology and a code for $50 off my next purchase. I only pay $19.99 for my box each month…and even though I got my two polishes, they sent me a code for $50. $20 would have been generous…but $50! I immediately got online and ordered all 3 of this month’s Mystery Boxes ($19.99 each). I paid just $9.97 for all three boxes – 21 polishes in total. That’s less than 50 cents a polish!

The Shimmer and Glitters box came with “Pepper”, “Neely”, “Queen Anne” (already got this one), “Oscar” (got this one, too); “Roxanne”, “Judy”, and “Tish” (and this one). The box also had metallic temporary tattoos.

The Metallics box has “Penny”, “Rachael” (got it).“Marika” (got it), “Sawyer”, “Joss”, “Missy”, and “Mia” (pretty sure I got this one in one of my first boxes). This box came with gold chevron nail decals.

The Brights box included “Jenna”, “Connie”, “Suzanne”, “Lee” (got it), “Sam”, “Ari”, and “Danica”. Light blue nail chevrons were included in this box.

21 polishes with only 7 repeats – not bad! Thank you again Julep – your customer service exceeds expectations yet again!


Fall 2015 Freeman Beauty Mystery Bag


I guess technically, it isn’t a beauty bag – it comes in a box – no bag to be seen. As of Friday night, it’s still available on their website! $30 and free shipping!

Inside this year’s box: c. Booth Mimosa Honeysuckle Body Souffle (this smells SO good – primarily honeysuckle); Barefoot Exfoliating Polish (works on your whole body); Barefoot Repair! Deodorizing Foot Spray (my feet don’t smell, but good to have on hand, I guess); c. Booth Blackberry In-Bath Body Conditioner (Not only do I need pre-conditioner for my hair, now my whole body needs conditioner?); Freeman Hibiscus Overnight Repair Mask; Freeman Daisy Oxygen Revival Mask; psssst! Volumizing Boost Invisible Texturizing Powder (I don’t understand this product – will have to research further); Freeman Pomegranate Body Wash (smells divine); Vita-K Professional for Crow’s Feet; Vita-K Professional for Dark Circles; and three single use mask packs – Facial Purifying Paper Mask in “Star Fruit”; Facial Lava Clay Mask in “Cinnamon & Moroccan”; and Facial Peeling Mask in “Pumpkin” (more pumpkin!). I also picked 4 free samples masks with my order: Facial Enzyme Mask in “Pineapple” (I’ve tried it before and loved it); Pomegranate Revealing Peel-Off Mask; Facial Exfoliating Scrub in “Pink Grapefruit”; and Chocolate & Strawberry Clay Mask (I am the most excited about this one).

No repeats from last year and no duplicates of any full-size products I have. I can’t wait to start putting masks on!



Zoya Cyber Monday Mystery Bag


I am such a sucker for mystery bags & boxes! Of course, I ordered the Zoya Cyber Monday Mystery Bag –  it was only $15.

I received a Mini Color Lock System ($20 value) – I had been wanting to try their base and top coats; Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator ($20 value); Zoya Matte Velvet Red Lipstick ($12 value) – too bad, I already have it; and Mini Trio of polishes ($12 value) – “Willa” (AKA “Black Swan”) – a full-coverage, densely pigmented onyx black cream, “Lael”a deep, saturated red-toned plum purple with a shiny creme finish, and “Rekha” – a bold medium blood red with a glossy cream finish.

$64 worth of goodies!


Fall 2014 Freeman Beauty Mystery Bag


I couldn’t resist another box filled with a mystery assortment of beauty products! This one is from Freeman Beauty is only $30 for over $100 of products – and it’s STILL available on their website!

Here’s what I got in my box: Freeman Facial Creamy Scrub in “Apricot”; Freeman Facial Purifying Clay Mask in “Acai”; Freeman Vita-K Professional for Deep Facial Lines; Freeman Barefoot Moisturizing Massage Cream; Freeman Barefoot Repair! Overnight Foot Cream; Pssssst! Instant Dry Shampoo; c. Booth Milk Bath & Shower Cleanser; eclos Night Booster Fluid; eclos Daily HydraPrimer SPF 30; and a stack of 7 different samples of masks and creams. I am gonna be sooooo smooth! My only disappointment was that I didn’t get a Charcoal scrub – my little sister uses Freeman’s charcoal sugar scrub and highly recommends it…Alas and alack.

This box of goodies was finally the last straw with my husband…as I was opening it, he issued an ultimatum about all the boxes that I get in the mail…HE wants a box, too. Muahahahahaaaa….I knew he would get sucked into my evil trap…




I could only handle my multicolored clown nails for a few days. Keep on voting!

This is Julep “Celia”icy, green metallic. Although I just received it in my Golden Ticket Mystery Box, it was originally part of the “It Girl” December Maven Box – The Glitterati Collection. Even though I’m an “It Girl”, I had chosen the “Classic with a Twist” box, which had “Jillian” and “Mia”, so no overlap!

“Celia” is like the green version of Zoya “Bobbi”. I’m brainstorming a way to get the two of them together…

Also, I fixed the jacked up cuticle on my middle finger – thank you, Julep “Vanish”!


Dookie Glitter


 After having bright, bright nails for several days, I had to go dark.

The first polish I picked to try out of my Golden Ticket Mystery Box is “Candace”, described by Julep as golden chocolate microglitter. Well alright, it’s chocolatey enough and it has a lovely golden sheen….it reminds me of the chocolate river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…but it also kinds looks like my fantasy of a poo-poo after drinking an entire bottle of Goldschläger. I always claimed that I would look for gold in my poo after drinking Goldschläger…but I never really did it. IF I DID, this is what I would have hoped to find.

I broke out the Plié Wand again. I’m getting better with it…I just have to remember to go slowly…



Golden Ticket Mystery Box


When I opened up my Golden Ticket Mystery Box, I felt just like Charlie Bucket on his birthday, when he opened that Scrumdidlyumptious Bar and didn’t find a Golden Ticket. I was convinced that I would be the one to get a Julep Golden Ticket and get to name my own polish. That was really the main reason that I bought this month’s Mystery Box, sight unseen. I didn’t find spoilers until after I had already purchased #2. Looking at the spoilers, I really wanted #1 and #3 more. At least my BFF ordered #1, so I can borrow from her…

The #2 box came with 5 polishes, “Vanish” Cuticle Softener & Remover, “Tada!” Quick Dry Drops and more damn Forget-Me-Not Seeds. At least my son is happy about my Mystery Box. Even though I already have “Vanish” and “Tada!”, at least I know that I’ll use the hell out of them.

The 5 polishes I got were “Michelle”midnight, inky blue crème, “Carol”sheer coral pink jelly Rock Candy nail glaze, “Estelle”midnight black with holographic shimmer, “Celia”icy green metallic and “Candace”golden chocolate microglitter. No duplicates!


Aislinn is prounounced “Ash-Ling”


Irish names are pronounced weird.

I didn’t waste any time getting the Easter Egg polish stripped from my nails so I could go back to the dark side with Julep “Aislinn.” Since my fingernails are already stained green, now is the prime time to try more dark polishes.

It was impossible to get a good picture of “Aislinn.” It’s a black base that’s sheer enough to let the forest green glitter peek through. No matter which way I let the light hit it, no angle does it justice. The texture is also pebbley and a bit dull. Unfortunately, it would benefit from a topcoat, which I was too lazy to put on last night. There are already tiny chips on the ends…sigh. Probably repainting tomorrow…



Lucky Mystery Box


That’s what I get for hemming and hawing over whether to order a Lucky Mystery Box – it arrived 4 days after St. Patrick’s Day. (I ordered too early though – I was livid that the day after I ordered, Julep offered a free gold polish with purchase and I missed out!)

I chose the “Aislinn” box. “Aislinn” is black polish with green glitter. I also received 4 other polishes: “Tatiana,” a coppery shimmer; “Jennifer,” a sheer, fleshy tone; “Tracy,” a a baby blue microglitter; and “Kennedy,” which frankly reminds me of Grey Poupon.

I am pumped about the Mint Condition Pedi Crème – me feet need help!

I’m less excited about the Neon Nail Dips Kit. It appears to be little pots of neon bead that you dip your nails in, after coating with clear polish and the beads stick to your nails like nonpareils. Maybe I’ll make Lily my experiment monkey.

I have no idea what I’m going to do with the Forget-Me-Not seeds




I loved my “Betty”, but I had enough microscopic chips to rationalize redoing my nails after 3 days.

With 6 new polishes in the past week, it was a hard choice…but I settled on “Lindy” from my Cupid Mystery Box. I’m not usually the sheer pink type. “Lindy” is an interesting polish. It’s sheer pink, but instead of regular glitter, there’s bigger pieces of sheer iridescent material. The matte finish looks faceted, but is smooth to the touch. This was also one of the quickest drying Julep polishes I’ve used – I didn’t even need to use the Quick Dry Drops.

The finish was so subtle, I actually had to step onto my back porch to get a picture in natural lighting.

I like “Lindy”, but I don’t love “Lindy.” I predict a redo tomorrow.