It’s been a while since I’ve ordered directly from Black Moon Cosmetics (dang, three years) and I’d forgotten how beautiful their packaging is.

A few weeks ago, they were offering free shipping on orders $15+, so I used this opportunity to order “Genie”, an iridescent fuchsia lippie ($18). I absolutely love this lippie – I wore it to the grocery store, because that is the only place I get to go right now.

My order also came with a free set of Black Moon Lynx Lashes ($14 value). Um, thanks?


Clearance PSA


While you’re searching the aisles of Walmart for toilet paper and hand sanitizer, please be advised that a SERIOUS nail polish clearance is going on. I found these in the Clearance aisle by the garden section (I was loitering there, while my husband was looking for something in the the garden section), but they might also be on the endcaps in the Beauty aisles. In addition to Sally Hansen, I saw some essie and L.A. Colors.

I paid $1.50 for Sally Hansen Color Therapy “Therapewter” and $1 each for Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear “Fantaseas” and “Confetti Craze”.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled quarantine activities.



I know I should’ve waited until August, but I just couldn’t do it.

Julep “Betsey – Peridot for August” might be my FAVORITE from Julep’s Birthstone Collection. It’s from Julep’s second round of Birthstone polishes – I also have the first Peridot polish, “Claudia”. “Claudia” is a lighter – almost pastel green microglitter. “Betsey”, named for Fashion Designer and Icon Betsey Johnson, the polish is darker, ferny green iridescent duochrome. There’s hints of red and green fire in the shimmer – it’s stunning.

This is two coats of “Betsey” over Glisten & Glow Base Coat and under Glisten & Glow Top Coat.

Gosh, I miss getting new Julep polishes.


Product Review – Janet Sartin

I love Janet Sartin products. It’s not super well known even though it’s been around for some time. My mom used these products, the smell is a comfort to me, but I completely forgot about it as an adult. They are from a company in NYC, they have one very well known spa. Products can be purchased there or online. One day, I will go to the spa! Anywho, I’m slowly adding more and more to my skin care from Janet Sartin. It’s not cheap, but it’s well worth it. Here are some of the products I’ve grown to love and use.

Gentle cleanser: This stuff trumps any and all makeup cleansers I have ever used! I don’t use it to remove eye makeup, my eyes are insanely sensitive, but it works for that too. I will use a normal makeup wipe and think everything is off, use this cleanser and realize I still have so much product still on my face. It’s unbelievable how clean your face is after this. You don’t need much, just enough to slightly wet a cotton round and all your makeup is off! I also love the smell. It’s $37 for the 6oz bottle, it lasted me 3 months. So the price point isn’t bad at all!

Skin Application liquid: I call this miracle in a bottle. I don’t know what this crazy stuff is but you put it on a zit and by morning it’s half the size, if not gone. If you happen to pop that Zit and use this, that thing is nothing but a little spot in the morning. I get a small 2oz bottle and I used it nightly, and in 3 months; I still have about a month of it left. If you don’t have tons of zits but just that fun once a month face issue, this bottle will last you at least a year or more. The 2oz bottle is $26, again for the amount of time you’ll have this, not so bad!

White astringent: I use this about once a month, when I get a little cluster of acne or if I notice I have some super oily spots in the summer time. I apply it to my little acne area and in the morning it’s pulled up all the impurities and most them acne is gone or brought to the surface so you can apply the skin application to get it gone. It helps pull out the nasties in your face and balance the oily areas. A 2oz bottle lasts me 3 months. A 2oz bottle is $26, again, great value.

Green tea purifying mask: I’ve been wanting to try this mask for a while so I was super stoked when I got a full size jar with my last order! It comes with a silicon brush, which I love because they are easier to keep clean. The mask is definitely matcha green! Applying was awesome, it’s super thick. I used what I thought was a lot, on my face and neck, but it didn’t even make a dent in the amount that’s in the jar. My face felt refreshed, smooth, clean, glowing, I absolutely love it! It retails for $49, yes not cheap, but this will last you a while! As a matter of fact, I’m about to use it again this morning!

Happy buying! Take a look into Janet Sartin products. You don’t be disappointed.


Taco Tuesday

It’s Taco Tuesday…and we had Flautas for dinner, not tacos. We like to break rules around here.

Sinful Colors “Taco Tuesday” does not look like tacos to me. It’s a sheer, light orange base, filled with different shimmery red and green glitters, as well as a few peach glitters. What exactly is IN this taco? Lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese – but no meat? Maybe it should be called “Chile Con Queso Wednesday”?

This is two coats of “Taco Tuesday” over Glisten & Glow Base Coat. Again, the glitters kept lifting up and snagging on things, because I didn’t use a top coat. I didn’t use a top coat, because I thought I wanted to smell this polish. WRONG. Fortunately, the odor was very faint, because it smelled like raw hamburger meat. No ma’am!


On the Run

I am fully aware of the irony of continuing to buy eye shadow while under lockdown. I get to go to the grocery store once a week and I need to look HAWT when I go…

Sephora lured me in with 50% off the Urban Decay On the Run Mini Palettes ($12.50, down from $25). I’ve been drooling over these little 8 shade palettes. I Selected two of the five: “Detour” (blues and browns) and “Shortcut” (reds and mauves). I’ve had a chance to try both palettes and they are so blendable and smooth. I didn’t even have to pull out the shadow primer. I can see myself going back to these again and again. Now I want to get the other 3 colorways – please go on sale again!

I was able to snag a sample of Lord Jones Royal Oil, basically a CBD Beauty Oil. The only two ingredients are grapeseed oil and CBD oil…I’m hesitant to coat my face in grapeseed oil, as I’m recovering from a breakout. I’ll try it later, I think. I also got samples of Cristophe Robin Detangling Gelee with Sea Minerals and Marc Jacobs Youthquake Gel Creme.

Sephora is offering free shipping while their stores are closed. Don’t threaten me with a good time! Just $281 to VIB in 2021.


March 2020 Sephora Play! – Wild Beauty

Hmmm…only slightly fewer repeats in March’s Sephora Play! box.

I’ve gotten the Glamglow GLOWSTARTER Mega Illuminating Moisturizer in “Nude Glow” in TWO different Play! boxes: November 2019 and March 2017. I ain’t even mad though, because I love this moisturizer. I use it up as soon as I get it.

I’d gotten a sample of NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in “Starwoman” a few years ago, but I don’t think I even used it. I’ll use it this time?

I recently gotten a sample of Moschino Toy 2 in an Ulta Sample Bag, but hadn’t tried it yet. I wore it today and was surprised to find that it’s a keeper! The main accord is green apple and somehow, I LOVE it.

Also is this month’s “Wild Beauty” bag: Laura Mercier Caviar Chrome Eyeshadow Stick in “Metallic Taupe”; Fresh Sugar Mint Rush Freshening Lip Treatment (waiting on my bedside table to be applied before bed); and Amika Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray (at least it’s not dry shampoo).

Not a bad box – I’ll use almost everything.

Sephora Play gives you 5-6 prestige samples a month, for just $10! You can sign up at sephora.com/play.



“Brita” is a fantastic name – it’s not just for water filters. In addition to RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 front-runner, Brita Filter, there’s Brit(t)a from Community and I even have a great, great, great grandmother named Brita.

Julep “Brita” is a sleek frozen raspberry chrome. This is two coats over Glisten & Glow Ridge Filling Base Coat and under Glisten & Glow Top Coat. There were a few little pinprick bubbles, but nothing too bad. It lasted fairly well. If anything, it was too ordinary – I’ve been spoiled by weird textures and smells!

“Brita” is one of the mini polishes from the Hypnotic Frenzy Set.


March 2020 Allure Beauty Box – Spring Vibes

Oh come on Allure Beauty Box – you gotta do better than this!

I hate when Beauty Boxes just throw a bunch of random old products in a box together. I got Floss My New Favorite Lip Gloss in “Lax” in last June’s box. Don’t even get me started on the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in “Zero” – I think I have about 12 of these.

I wasn’t upset to get Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum – I’ve been wearing it every morning after my show. I’m not sure what it is helping my skin recover from, but it feels nice.

Also in this month’s box: Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL; Dr. Botanicals Lemon Superfood All-in-One Rescue Butter; and Lapcos Ceramide Firming Mask.

Okay Allure Beauty Box – you’re on warning! No more crappy boxes or I am gonna have to cancel!

The Allure Beauty Box is $15/month, but they give you $5 off your first box. They also offer an option for $150/year – a savings of $30. Sign up via my referral link.


Chocolate Cake

Sinful Colors “Chocolate Cake” had an even stronger scent than “Cookies & Cream”! It wasn’t the same scent either – it was more of a rich dark chocolate, whereas “Cookies & Cream” was more milky scent.

“Chocolate Cake” also has a crumbly texture, similar to “Cheese Puff”. It also seemed shinier. It’s settled – the sweet scents have a far stronger scent throw than the salty ones.

This is two layers of “Chocolate Cake” over Glisten & Glow Ridge Filling Base Coat. I feel like “Chocolate Cake” chipped faster than “Cheese puff”, but that might have been an optical illusion because the polish is so dark and it’s more obvious right away.

I really hope Sinful Colors comes out with more fun scented polishes – maybe some fruit scents? Or ice cream? Their scented polishes also make me think that Sally Hansen REALLY missed an opportunity to add scents to their Jelly Belly collaboration .