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Sinful Station

Is there is a Dollar Tree in the same parking lot as the Honky Bucket I’m eating lunch at, I’m gonna find an excuse to drop in and search for Sinful Colors, even if it’s all the way in College Station.

This particular location had a decent selection of Sinful Colors…except for the fact that almost all of the packages contained “Energetic Red”. I picked a package that paired “Energetic Red” with SinfulShine “Guilty Pleasures”.

I also found a package with rather new polishes – “Witch’s Brew” from last Halloween’s Bebe Rexha “Wicked Neons” collaboration. It’s a blacklight reactive neon green. The package also had the Radical Matte Top Coat. I already have several matte top coats, but what’s one more?


Double Dollars

I may have hit two more Dollar Trees over the last week, searching for more nail polish.

I did find two more two packs worth getting! The first one had Sinful Colors “Thera-pewter” from the “Stoned Crystal Shimmer” collection and “Bite Me”, which I feel like was from a Halloween collection. The other pack had Sinful Shine “Rule My World” and “Clay Me” from the “Stoned Crystal Shimmer” collection.

I also found a two pack of nameless wet ‘n wild polishes. I HATE nameless polishes – but I got em anyway. There was a blue shimmer and a pink and red glitter.

It’s hot as hell here in Southeast Texas, so I definitely recommend picking up a few $1 fans from Dollar Tree. I found a “Shade” fan to match my “Slay” fan.

I do NOT recommend picking up hair clips from Dollar Tree – these cheap shitty plastic clips did not hold all of my hair and they scratched my scalp. I gave them to Lily.

Do you have any hot Dollar Tree deals to share?


Tree of Dollars

I got a hot tip that Dollar Tree is stocking two packs of old Sinful Colors polishes for $1. I’ve been paying up to $2.98 for the newest shades, but I’ll definitely buy a bunch at 50 cents each.

My first haul was just 4 polishes. One of the packs were Sinful Shines, which are normally $2.99. Both shades were from the 2017 “Bayou Babes” Collection – “Nola Way”, a gold sparkle, and “I Ain’t Jambalayan!”, a peach with gold shimmer.

The other two pack contained regular Sinful Colors polishes: “Flame Game”, iridescent flakie topper in a clear base, and “Pop Queen” from the Moon Metal Collection, a blue globe glitter topper.

I would’ve gotten more, but almost every single two pack contained “Nola Way”. I need to hit a few different Dollar Trees to find more. I hit the Hempstead Dollar Tree on the way to pick up my son from East Texas, and I was disappointed to find NO Sinful Colors. I’ll keep trying…


The Finger


Nothing galls me like a polish with no name. Not only does this polish have no name, I don’t even know who made it – but it the bottle was shaped like a skull and it was only $1. I’m going to call it Dollar Tree Skull Pink.

Yes, it is a disgustingly neon pink. I feel like like Miami Vice and Sixteen Candles and Culture Club and just 80s. After Sinful Colors Base Coat, I did 2 coats. I am astounded that a cheap mystery polish could have such a smooth and easy to work with texture. it went on flawlessly. I don’t have any particular plans to give anybody the finger over the next few days, but just in case, I wanted to make sure my middle finger was ready – I gave it an extra sparkle with Sinful Colors “Queen of Beauty”. I finished off with “HK Girl”, which made it look like plastic. Shiny, 80s plastic.



Dirt Mall Shopping


My kids tried to tell me that they couldn’t take a shower because they were out of soap. I had to venture out into the hot sun to Big Lots during lunch to eliminate that ridiculous excuse. My kids love cheap character soap and shampoo that’s $1 at Big Lots, so they can have their choice of smelling like Dora, My Little Pony, Monster High, Spongebob – whatever. I filled my cart.

I couldn’t resist picking up a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups lipgloss. Surely my husband would enjoy a big sloppy smackeroo that tastes like his favorite candy? Unfortunately, the cheap tube was leaky and slimy when I took it out of the package. Even worse, it smelled rancid. It was just like those Buttered Popcorn Jelly Bellies. That fucking nasty shit went right in the trash. Oh well, it was only $1.

I also stopped by the Dollar Tree next store to grab one of the Beauty Concepts Skull Polishes – I saw it on Instagram and had to have one. I need another pink polish like I need a hole in my head, but again…it was only $1.